Understanding The Bigcommerce Product Price Calculator Today

You must be shopping online a lot today. And why not? With so many different places and a varied bouquet of products, online is the way to go. The bigcommerce product price calculator can provide that much-needed help in shipping calculations. Various businesses make use of different types of shipping calculators while finding out the weight. However, they may not always be right or as per standards. Today, you need one such interactive price calculator to facilitate your business. Let us find out more about it.

Bigcommerce Functionality Decoded

You can deal with complex pricing structures today, with this tool. The tool includes various options like:

  • Price variation for common products.
  • It is also well-suited for complex pricing structures. You will come across multiple scenarios, in which the price is based on the surface area, and other variables.
  • Bigcommerce does not need any sort of API integration. There is no complex coding at the backend that you have to deal with.
  • You get a live calculator on the product page itself that shows the total cost of the product based on dimensions, model, and the type of materials used.
  • You can assign complex formulas to two more products.

If you are dealing with complex pricing models, try out the bigcommerce product price calculator once.

Setting Up Your Store With Bigcommerce

Today you can easily set up your store with Bigcommerce. You will be overwhelmed to know, that it is one of the most popular eCommerce platforms today. The best part about it is the in-built price calculator. You can just find out the website, and sign up. Enter the name of your store. You can start the free trial initially, to see how it all works. You will be promoted to specify, what you sell. In case, you do not want to mention it, you can simply choose ‘I’m not sure’. That should do the trick. Go ahead, and create your store. Your store will be up and running in two minutes. You will get the option to customize your store after setup. You can insert all the details, products, and prices. Thereafter, set the measurements and SEO details. After, you are done with these basics, set a theme. In the next step, add your products. Set up shipping and taxes. The quick launch wizard will help you with setting shipping options and XIP codes.

That is all said and done. You are ready to reap the benefits of the site. Bigcommerce product price calculator will help you in getting rid of your product pricing woes, as per parameters.

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