Create Your WordPress Website With Ease

It is extremely important to have your website for all your business ventures. In today’s day and age, an online page that includes all the details for your business is essential, as customers will always look for their desired products online before they go out and buy them. It is extremely easy to create wordpress (membuat wordpress, which is the term in Indonesian) websites. These are a few steps to create your website from scratch:

·      Find A Name

Finding a name for a company is the very first step. You might have a vague idea for your business but the exact theme of your products depends on the name. Similarly, the very first step of building your website is the domain name. It should be similar to the name of your company so people remember it well. Register your domain name once you find it.

·      Choose A Host

A web host is a server that contains all the information (code, images, etc.) of the website. The hosting company makes it possible for everyone to access your website through the domain name by allocating space on that server. There are many excellent web hosting companies like Bluehost which will help you through all the problems you face.

·      Create The Website

Now you have to install WordPress through your host. WordPress is the Content Management System that will let you edit your site without having to change everything in the coding. It is very easy to create a WordPress website. It is free, open-source, and versatile- meaning it allows you to create all sorts of sites like blogs, e-commerce, or marketing sites. You can choose different templates to regulate how your site looks. Moreover, you can add a lot of different things to build a website like blog posts, images, comments, etc.

·      Join Them Together

Now that you have a domain name, a hosting service, and WordPress, you need to join them all together. There are a few technical settings that your host will provide for you. This needs to be done so that customers can find the website you created on WordPress by entering the domain name to the browser.

Even though it is extremely easy to create WordPress websites, it is always better to have professionals do it for you. There are technical settings that could go wrong and you don’t want that for your website.

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