Top 5 skills required to be a good telesales CX agent

Being a telesales CX agent is a challenging job. However, it can be mastered with the right skill sets and efforts made towards acquiring the same. Both technical skills and soft skills play a vital role in shaping a good telesales CX agent’s career. VOIZ is a marketplace that offers lucrative remote jobs to homemakers, students and CX veterans. If you are looking for a part-time job as a telesales CX agent, this is your opportunity to sign up on VOIZ. 

Let us discuss the top 5 skills required to be a good telesales CX agent in a remote workforce environment.

  • Ability to empathise with the client. Understanding customers’ needs and catering to their concerns by providing quick resolutions. As a remote CX agent, customers expect high empathy-driven conversations that make them believe in your commitment to providing them with proper after-sales service. Your work as a telesales CX agent is not limited to product or service orientation and presentation- but to also provide guidance and redressal post-purchase, to the customer. At VOIZ, due importance to this particular skill is given when the final decision to select an agent is being made. This is because empathy helps in understanding the customer better, hence facilitating up-sell opportunities and cross-sell. 
  • Problem-solving skills. As a pre-trained remote CX worker, you have to be a problem solver and a go-getter. Understanding the core competencies of a business can easily realise customer problems and client escalations. The no give-up attitude of a problem solver gives the customer satisfaction about their queries getting resolved. As a problem solver, a CX agent must be able to provide creative, tailor-made solutions to customer grievances and problems.
  • Thorough product knowledge. A remote telesales CX agent must be aware of the products they are selling for their clients. Be it offering services as an internet company or products as e-commerce, a consumer’s choice of purchase depends a lot on the CX sales agent’s pitch to the buyer. Agents on VOIZ have to undergo mandatory training before they start working on the assigned gig. Here, they are briefed about every necessary information pertaining to the company and its market offering. Thorough knowledge of the functioning, usage, utility and benefits of the product or service is essential as a telesales CX agent.
  • Speed, agility and good listening skills. These form the core of a CX agent’s primary skill-sets as a support or telesales agent. Customers require quick resolutions to their problems and speed in escalations. Agents must thus be able to handle multiple queries and be a lending ear to hear the customer’s growing concerns.
  • Collaboration, project management, team player. These are essential skills for a CX agent’s remote productivity. Whether it be a one-time plug and play gig or a part-time job, collaborating using enterprise tools, following up with teams and managing tasks on time with commitment is crucial for the success of a CX agent’s career. A team player is always the best fit for a CX agent role where collaboration happens on many levels across the management and between various managerial departments.

VOIZ understands the importance of continued skill development. It is necessary for an agent to remain relevant in the CX industry. For this purpose, VOIZ has introduced the VOIZ Workshop wherein agents can opt for skill-related and Job-related courses. These courses shall give them an added advantage by increasing their skill sets and putting them in a better position to bid for gigs. 

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