Online Technical Support: what is it and when is it used?

Online technical support is a modality that allows companies to streamline the process of solving problems that a user presents. The subscriber or user raises his/her situation, indicates his/her requirement and the support staff provides the necessary guidance through a digital channel. The means used to provide technical support online are usually websites, video calls, email and chats. Companies that don’t want to invest in having an IT support team, generally outsource the services from the best Managed Service Provider Company in Wisconsin.

Online technical support features

The managed IT technical team must be made up of qualified personnel who provide the client with accurate information about the products or services. Therefore, this team of technicians must know each area of ​​the company and be clear about the operation of the IT systems involved. Another point to highlight is that online technical support requires the use of Support Software that provides the customer with the tools so that all service alternatives can be found in one place.

Types of online support

In the online support typology, there are two levels of service that are directly related to the type of problem or need that a subscriber presents.

Help Desk: The level of service that bases its operation mainly on channels such as email and chat. It is the first contact that the customer has with a company’s online technical support. It provides solutions to problems that are easy to solve.

Table Service: It is the level of online technical support that deals with solving absolutely complex problems that afflict the user. The service can be provided via online service, telephone or face-to-face consultation.

Advantages: higher productivity

For its effectiveness, managed cloud service provider requires software that gathers in one place all the interactions between the technical service team and the subscriber or customer. Communication between customer and technical staff online is much more efficient.

Personalization and confidence in the service

Online technical support makes it easy to customize a service in just a few steps. In order to provide a better experience for the customer, the company must have an instrument to configure the workflow based on the segment in which the company operates.

Ease of access to data

A complete history with customer information can be easily located. A detailed study of the service data is made. It is possible to measure and project customer satisfaction. It simplifies the task of improving the deficiencies observed during the management of the report.

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