I Just Came Across The Most Amazing Calendar App, Here Is A Full Review

Being organized requires you to take help from technology. To be very honest, there is an application for your very task, and to a little extent, it might simplify your task but not all the time. But sometimes it makes you go total nuts when you have to open every single work organizing application and you start connecting dots. It is confusing and it takes a lot of effort and time to make sense of all the data and matching it with the dates. You require something that puts your calendar, note, and reminders in one place and offers you a well-synchronized experience. In the same search on Appstore, you would likely come across this user-friendly application by YunaSoft named, Calendar King. As the name suggests, the app is indeed the king of all the calendar apps available in the store. Here is a quick app review.


This all-in-one application is rated 4.6 on Appstore which is a great indication of its likeability amongst peers. People love it as it offers them a user-friendly interface and it is more than just a calendar application. Some of the out-of-the-box features are 10:1 good versus bad review, this app has a standalone position in the app market.

Brains Behind It 

This is not the first calendar application by YunaSoft, apart from it they have given some great apps such as AwesomeCalendar to the market. it an all-in-one business management tool that has equally surprising features for a calendar application. The best thing about YunaSoft is that they brainstorm a lot about what are the major problems and provide a very functional solution. Calendaring is one such application.

What is there in the app?

  • Task Management System 

This is one of those apps that allow you to put a different reminder for all your task. These personalization sorts things over, just like a customized notification bell for each bell helping you prioritize things better. Coming with a drag and drop feature, the calendar makes it easy for you to manage your entire work.

  • Note 

The note is a small word for what the app is doing for you, rather than having a separate application for notes, you can now put a note in the calendar helping you remember things back in time or future for reference.

Also, the tagging feature of the note feature is out-of-the-box and is well-synced with all the apps on the device. Despite the feature-richness of the app, they have managed to make it as user-friendly as possible.

  • Stickers and Markers

One of the most outstanding features of the app is that of stickers. Instead of typing the whole thing, there are a plethora of stickers available in the app that can replace the words and make the entire application a whole lot intuitive.

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