A Brief Guide to Learn About Linux and Its Applications

Linux OS have become popular OS among both commercial and personal users. It excels in its counterparts in the area of security, affordability, and versatility.  When updated regularly, Linux assures its users of a high level of stability and dependability. Let us learn about the various features and uses of the Linux system.

What is Linux?

Linux is an open-source operating system. It is installed on various devices that include computers, tablets, and laptops. Several system developers use this OS to run various devices. Smart devices, cars, servers, desktop systems, telecommunications are some of the areas of uses of Linux.

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Features of Linux

Developed in mid-1990, Linux OS shares a huge user base that spans throughout the globe. Android is driven by this operating system.

  • Unlike other OS, there is no license fee to use this software. It’s zero cost of entry feature makes it very cost-advantageous for a desktop platform.
  • Linux is highly secure which makes it far less prone to attacks due to malware ransomware, or viruses.
  • Highly stable and least prone to crash
  • Very high uptime for the Linux servers
  • Uptime is very high. Linux systems have around 99.9 percent availability.
  • Unlike Windows OS, there is no requirement to reboot a server each time you update it.
  • Easy to install and maintain
  • Linux is hardware-independent. This implies that it runs on any type of hardware
  • Provides plenty of scopes to customize it as per the user’s needs. There are several choices for desktop icons, panels, and wallpapers.
  • Strong support community support that offers round the clock assistance for critical apps and services.

Applications of Linux

Here are some very important applications of Linux systems:

  • Smart devices

Whether it is a tablet or a smartphone Linux OS has enhanced multimedia functionality. It has brought several applications to the fingertips.

  • Gaming

Some of the highly ranked games are developed using Linux.  The OS helps improve support services and efficiency of the gaming devices.

  • Mainframes and Servers

Linux systems are the first choice for the development of servers. This is because it shows the least susceptibility to external attacks. It enables the implementation of trusted data safety measures that makes a company more immune to hacking.

  • Telecommunication

Linux platforms enhance accessibility and circulation of network transmissions via subscribers. Installation of the Linux system in firewalls guards the network information against unknown systems.

  • Security

Appliances that are installed with Linux OS, such as privacy, identity screening, ethical hacking, and digital forensics, assures heightened safety and timely identification of the threat.


Ease of use, zero licensing fees, heightened security, and user-friendly interface is some of the features that users find it very appealing in Linux. These are the reasons that are making people make a transition from Windows to Linux OS. Looking at its capabilities, it is clear that the future of Linux is very promising.

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