Connect With Your Neighbours In A Few Clicks Only

Applications that can easily perform multiple tasks at the same time is the best thing one can get. 

Probably most of us have installed different social media applications on our phones. The basic reason behind this is, we do not get everything in one place that every single feature can be used. This is where the Bestyn app comes into role. This allows you to find nearby events, chat with your neighbors, and promote your business.

Features of Bestyn App

  • Promote Your Business

Advertising and self-branding are the best way to do business. The best way to do this is to tell strangers more and more about your business and thrive in every way. At, you can create a business profile with your profile. A business profile will create leads for your business website or your shop located in the city. Post frequently about your goods and services.

  • Easy to Use User Interface

It has always maintained uniformity and has never changed its interface to a higher level. The reason behind might be the Bestyn is a widespread software and changing it extensively. It seems that it has become inevitable to improve your user experience by making some small changes.

  • Spreading Awareness

The app will send you notifications about all the events happening in your neighborhood. You can also protect your neighbors from any unexpected or unsafe event. Because through this app, users can also report certain activities, they find suspicious and unethical. In this way, they can become aware of other people as well.

  • Interactive Messenger

When it comes to social media messaging, it is a feature that no one wants to miss. In this particular application, one can easily send messages to nearby people. Also, many more features like chat background wallpaper change, voice notes, multimedia support have been enabled.

  • Create Events

Events are part of building the community. This social media mobile application has provided a facility where you can create events with your neighbors. Also, you can connect with them for such events. All you have to do is, sign up to get the latest information about the events around you.

Bestyn, which stands out for being different from other social media apps. It is unique and differs from other similar apps. If you are a person with lots of social vibes then you should try it once.

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