How do I know my security camera is hacked? 

Security cameras are meant to enhance protection and security around offices and houses. It is necessary to keep your house safe in your absence. What if the thing that is meant to keep you safe isn’t safe in itself? Yes, that’s what happens with security cameras. 

The thought that someone else may be watching over you is scary itself. Not only that, but a number of hackers also indulge in clicking pictures and recording videos. A vulnerable security camera can be very much prone to hacking. 

Once the hacker breaks into your system, they will take complete control of your private life. Also, these people may use it against you. There have been numerous instances where hacked cameras have led to severe cases. It is necessary to take preventive measures and offer protection against these threats. 

Indicators your security camera has been hacked

The professional hackers will ensure to take all the necessary measures to protect the bid. Often it may become difficult for normal people like us to detect that the camera has been hacked. Moreover, often it would be close to impossible to check for these malicious attacks. 

But, if you have been noticing certain unusual signs with your camera, you shouldn’t be ignoring it. Some of the prominent indicators that your CCTV camera has been hacked include the following.

  • Unusual sound from a security camera

Lately, have you been noticing weird sounds from your security camera? There is a high possibility that someone has broken into your system and making it hard to operate. The unusual sound indicates that someone is keeping a check on you and your every move. 

  • Abnormal rotation of the camera

If your surveillance camera has been rotating abnormally and facing every place you are moving; it is an indication that someone has hacked the system and is keeping a check on you. A professional hacker will try to control your security camera without you noticing it. But, if you keep a close check at your camera, you will be able to detect the problem in no time. 

  • Blinking light

The camera blinks only on certain conditions. If you find your webcam blinking a lot, it is an indication that the hacker has broken into your system and is keeping a check on you. If your webcam continuously has the light blinking, be sure that it is hacked. The fact that the light is on without you switching it on makes you sure of the hacking. 


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