What is the world rating of Ebay as a shopping site?

Despite the number of existing platforms, eBay remains one of the most successful marketplaces for selling products online. You still need to know how to do it correctly and succeed in improving the visibility of articles on the platform, to better stand out from your competitors and maximize your sales.

Improved Visibility

There are several approaches to improve this visibility. One of them, and arguably the most effective, is to use the sponsored ads service. This service is often overlooked by eBay users. However, it is very simple to use and makes it easy and quick to increase the impact and visibility of its products. In addition, you do not take any risks, because you only pay advertising costs if the user buys. In this article, we will introduce you to this service offered by eBay, explain in detail how it works and give you some tips for a successful sponsored ad campaign. For selling on ebay this is important.

Improve the Visibility of Your Products on EBay Thanks To Sponsored Ads

Few companies have the idea of ​​advertising on eBay. It is also not specific to eBay. In general, an e-merchant tends to turn to advertising on search engines (Google AdWords, Bing Ads, etc.). However, it is very interesting to promote your articles on marketplaces, and in particular on one of the most important still to date: eBay. Why? Because these platforms generate colossal and qualified traffic: Internet users who are on eBay have a much higher purchase intention than Internet users who browse on Google for example. EBay allows its sellers to use Sponsored Ads to improve the visibility of items in the marketplace. You’ve probably seen sponsored ads on eBay before.

Start Selling

It is best for the inexperienced internet marketer to start selling on eBay with unnecessary items. As they are put up for auction, the trader will gradually get used to the auction interface, the structure and parameters of the lot description, the principles of price formation for goods and the commission of the trading platform, and an understanding of the ratio of supply and demand in the product niche will come.

Item Banned On Ebay: Poor Quality Items

It is true that when you do dropshipping, you don’t necessarily have the object in your hands (unless you do some tests before choosing).But there are still several ways to spot low-quality items.

First, buyer’s feedback: For this you have eBay ratings, but you can also cross them with Amazon and Aliexpress ratings. An item that has 2 out of 5 stars on Amazon, you may already know that it is an item to be avoided, no need to look any further. This will save you problems, because even if you are only an intermediary, as a dropshipper, the customer will complain to you, because it is you who manage customer service and not your supplier.

Even if you are making money, because margins are important, most of the time the problems it will cause will not outweigh the problems you will reap.

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