How to build auction platform for real estate

Real estate auction platforms are meant to make it easier for buyers and sellers to connect and carry interactions smoothly. The better and smoother the interaction the more chances there are to close the deal. Buyers look for a good bidding experience whereas sellers want to sell their auction items or property more effectively.A mobile app can be built through A2 Solutions by using mobile app development Dubai.


Auctions that take place virtually need people to create user accounts after signing up and entering personal information along with details sic as their address, contact number and zip code in order to receive information or updates on the platform. Agents, investors as well as the asset managers require the information to know the business taking place. Payment details need to be provided as well for the registration process. This will also be required on a mobile app which can be launched using mobile app development Dubai on A2 Solutions.

Listing the properties

Sellers need to create property listings to offer to interested buyers. They then need to select a time period for receiving bids from the buyers who judge on the basis of details such as number of rooms or size of property and images provided on the platform. The seller also needs to update information as soon as possible to avoid any unfairness. It is also possible to upload 3D tours to provide more detail to the buyers. Current Bid and the timer for the auction period needs to be displayed for the bidders to see. 3D tours will also be popular on mobile apps and can be developed using mobile app development Dubai.

Organized and filtering 

Buyers need the option to filter while searching for what they are looking for such as minimum number of bedrooms and price range. The filtered listing will help them find what they desire more conveniently. They must also have the option to save the properties they are interested in to refer back to as many times as they want. A feature as helpful and essential as this will also be easy to implement in mobile apps through the service of mobile app development Dubai on A2 Solutions.

Real time bidding 

These auction platforms conduct real time bidding that starts from an opening bid which is the minimum amount offered that continues to increase for the time period set by the seller. It may take days for new bidders to enter and add their bids until one finally ends up with the property. There is a feature for those who cannot constantly check on their computers and allows them to use a proxy bidding system where the software bids on behalf of the buyer to a maximum amount which is set by them. Real time bidding reflects the same process if auction when done in a physical setting, but virtual setting saves more time and helps reach a larger audience of potential bidders who will be interested in the properties listed. This can also be made possible on mobile apps using mobile app development Dubai on A2 Solutions.

Mobile auction apps

Mobile app development Dubai provides a platform to develop an app to increase mobility of the auction. A mobile app will help make the process more efficient and convenient since people keep their phones close to them. The notification features in mobiles will help bidders keep track of the bidding process and be updated on upcoming events or new listings. Mobile apps also allow users to share the properties they are interested in through text messages or social media platforms. Mobile app development Dubai on A2 Solutions will guide you to build the mobile platform.

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