Benefits and method of downloading videos from Facebook?

Facebook is the most followed social media network. Therefore, numerous users share lots of informative and fascinating contents on the platform. Sharing such materials over Facebook itself is not technologically restricted; however, Facebook has in-built restrictions in sharing videos outside its platform.

This limitation may be a big disappointment for most Facebook users. However, FastVid is a technological workaround that can help you overcome the obstacle.

If you use android devices, then you can download the FastVid app and download any video you like and even share it.

For Apple devices like iPhone, iPad and Macbook, and desktop and laptop users, logging on to is the option.

Here are some benefits of using FastVid.

1- You save videos offline

Internet connection is not always stable; we may not get to watch the video if there is no internet connectivity. Besides, we like storing videos. With FastVid, we have the option of saving any video we like in the internal storage of our device and access it whenever we want.

2- You don’t lose the video trail

One of the concerns of unsaved videos is that we may not be able to find them after a while; we may have to swipe the pages to locate them. Saving videos is the easiest way to browse through the gallery.

3- FastVid is free

With FastVid, you don’t have to pay for a yearly or one-time subscription; it is free.


This was your guide on Facebook video downloader mp4 format.

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