Answer these questions before buying a gaming monitor!

No matter whether you are a gaming enthusiast, or are thinking of replacing your current gaming monitor, the right product can make a big difference. There are all kinds of gaming monitors in the market, and brands are constantly at war for offering the best specifications at the right price. In this post, we are sharing questions that are worth answering before buying one.

  1. What’s your purpose?

Gaming monitors must rank high when it comes to refresh rate. Professional gamers are also interested in color production and accuracy. If you are buying a gaming monitor for just random usage, we recommend that you don’t for an insanely expensive one. You can check websites, such as, for budget monitors designed for gaming.

  1. What’s your preferred resolution?

Higher resolution automatically translates into better picture quality, so this one is a no-brainer. For gaming needs, you need at least a Full-HD TV. If money is not an immediate concern, go for a 4K TV.

  1. What size would you prefer?

Ideally, you shouldn’t be buying a super-sized monitor for gaming needs. Keep in mind that gaming needs complete attention, so the whole monitor must be visible, without turning your head from one side of the screen to another. Ideally, pick a model sized between 24-inch and 30-inch. There are curved screens, but these cost a lot more.

  1. Are you aware of the refresh rate?

When it comes to gaming monitors, refresh rate is one of the key aspects to consider. It refers to the number of times the monitor refreshes image per second. It is mentioned in hertz (Hz), and at least 60 Hz is what you need, although many professional players wouldn’t settle for anything less than 144 Hz. Also, do consider the response time, which should be shorter.

  1. Do you know the panel options?

Many players do prefer TN panels over others, given that these are the fastest in terms of response rate, but the image quality is not that great. IPS do better in response time and color production in comparison to VA panels. If contrast is what you are looking for, go for VA panel. Both TN and IPS panels are ideal for gaming.

Final word

Not to forget, do decide on the budget. Spending a tad more on a slightly better gaming monitor is never a bad idea. Also, don’t forget to check for deals and offers online.

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