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YouTube – A Impact Analysis

YouTube, this has become an extremely common name if we have to talk about the advantages of the internet. YouTube was birthed in the year of 2005 and since the year of its creation it was noted that users were consuming an equivalent of an entire blockbuster each month. Since then, now there are 300 hours of video being uploaded to YouTube every minute. Probably has gone higher by the time this article is done being written.

YouTube has now become the third most visited site after Google and Facebook and rightly so. According to Jawed Karim, he and two of his PayPal colleagues, Chad Hurley and Steve Chen, launched the site after becoming frustrated that they could not find footage of the 2004 Boxing Day tsunami and, er, Janet Jackson’s “wardrobe malfunction” at the Super Bowl the same year. A very wise decision that lead to a revolution. Well, like everything else it is not always as sunny as it sounds YouTube also is like two sides of a coin. It is used to for promoting democracies, allowing us to see music videos and also allow for YouTube to mp3 to be stored in normal format and also in reenergizing education but can also used to sometimes spread misinformation or grief through toxic comments.

Down below let us look at some spheres where YouTube has made its contribution.


In the eight years since, YouTube has become a bustling center for those who aspire to power, good and evil. Isil and KKK propaganda videos jostle for attention alongside English town council candidates and teenage pranksters. The veteran Middle East reporter, Jeffrey Goldberg, recently wrote that extremists no longer bother meeting with journalists. “They don’t need a middleman anymore. Journalists have been replaced by YouTube”. YouTube has lifted the veil on politicians, effectively placing them under 24 hour scrutiny, with every slip at risk of being captured and endlessly replayed. As propaganda can be viewed in a raw manner on YouTube without much influence people are free to hold their own opinions and follow their own ideals.


People might have heard of a particular celebrity called Justin Bieber. Well, the connection between him and YouTube is that he received his break from YouTube. Countless artists have since followed Bieber’s lead, using YouTube to share their work directly with an online audience, leaving talent agents and other traditional gatekeepers to fame at a loss with the sudden arrival of such a fierce competition. | There are YouTube celebrities in all manner of niche fields. DC Toys Collector is an “unboxer”; she unwraps new toys. Her video of five Angry Birds eggs being opened has been viewed 90 million times. Tanya Burr has earned 2.7 million subscribers by giving make-up tips. Nearly half a million people have watched Abby Vapes showing how to smoke an e-cigarette like a dragon. Others, such as the blue-eyed Briton Marcus Butler, (3.3 million subscribers), and American LGBT advocate, Tyler Oakley (6.2 million), are famous just for speaking.

Video Games

Well, this should have come as a no brainer that gaming will be highly influenced by YouTube. Previously there was no proper outlet to share video related to gaming. But since YouTube’s creation the amount of following given to gaming has been incomparable.

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