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What Are The SEO Best Practices For Color Variations In 2022?

Color variations are downplayed much in terms of digital appeal, be it with UI or UX. However, with the number of stakeholders going virtual, taking their business online to tap into the power of being accessible and visible globally, SEO services in Dubai take creativity very seriously. Hence, other than content, setting up color variations for structuring a website, especially an E-Commerce site, is the next big question web developers ponder upon, devising the best practice for color variations. Now when it comes to art, there is no wrong answer. So when you ask us what are the best practices for color variation in 2022? There is no one answer. However, there are many, and in this article, we will take a look at all the best ones.

Starting from the basics, 


Everyone loves user-centric SEO, so try providing all of the possible color combinations possible on the same page. You can use a dropdown menu and JavaScript or something similar. Specifically for E-Commerce sites, being colorfully accurate is crucial. For example, if you are selling clothing lines, people want to know what colors are available for a particular segment, say T-shirts, dresses, or shoes. Users are color centric when purchasing such items. In that case, your color needs to come up in the search results, for which you have to consider whether your products are such that specific colors will be necessary for the user. 

Effort multiplied 

The next concern in our block is duplication of efforts. Ever wondered how much hard work it would be to write a custom copy for each color of every product and think about the return on such an investment of time and resources. On the other hand, if you have unlimited resources, you might want to do everything you can to rank well. Then it might somehow be worth it for you to write a custom copy for each color. However, you must also consider that for each page you create; you have to maintain them as well, which adds to the server load, maintenance list, extra pages to update, or redirection or discontinuing that particular product. 

Now, do you see how it can impact your shipping operation? Moreover, does each color have its own SKU already? 

Though it is entirely at the store owner’s discretion to give each color its page, it is a pretty tiresome resort indisputably. 

Duplication of Content

Thirdly, you must consider the duplication posed in search engines. For example, if you have four different colors of an item, you might write specific content for each one so that the engine is not catching duplicated content. However, if you are dealing with things that can have hundred color variations, such as candies, it would be far from feasible to write content for each color variation, even though some people might have a color preference. 

For example, let us take a look at the website of USporto’s-fitness-7-8-leggings-basil has a sea green women’s leggings page where you can switch to another color (here, for example, black) without leaving the page. The URL doesn’t change, except for the color, and you never even encounter a specific page for the other color, although it exists.

This is an example of using JavaScript for the user experience while having multiple pages. For example, if you searched for different color leggings, you would be taken to that specific color page.

Even though the content on both the sites is similar except for the different color names, Google does not appreciate duplication when used to amplify the value of multiple pages inorganically. However, they have no problem with honest duplication, which is part of the business. Yet, writing color-specific content helps with a better ranking so that you can do this for all colors of a few products or some popular colors for a particular product. 

Time for critical thinking!

The final and most important aspect is to reflect upon what Google can or does crawl? 

Again there is no solid answer to this question either since the goal post here is constantly moving because Google is always changing and amending its ways. 

Under their vow, to make it more user-friendly, they devise, or rather we should say, revise new and better ways to identify what a user is looking for. Therefore you have to constantly think about how much content you can show on a single page. 

I mean, if we had looked into this five years ago, we would have nothing to look at since no such thing as an in-page color picker exists. 

Ever since schema markup is advancing, search engines are crawling more to the AJAX content; it would not be surprising if they can identify categorically individualized content of each product within a single page.

Interestingly Google claims to be able to do this, but many people have found it not working when tested. They opine that it is more like parallax scrolling, an excellent idea for usability for sure, but extremely hard to get Google to crawl. Therefore it is recommended to keep such complicated coding at bay at this juncture. 


It is conclusive that whether to have separate pages or separate content for each color variant available for the product remains the discretion of the business owner or a specific SEO agency in Dubai. However, creating unique content for each product variant, including product descriptions, title tags, meta descriptions, etc., does help in ranking inducing traffic and is part of an effective SEO strategy

But before going on that tangent, you must ask yourself these questions, 

If your answer to all of the questions mentioned above is yes, it is worth writing a custom copy for each color!


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