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What are the purposes and benefits of the website transfer to the HostingRajs web hosting company?

The website transfer is one of the tedious tasks to get your website transfer to another. The successful website transfer is one that moves your website to another host with the zero downtime. In this article, you will know about the features of the website transformation process.

What are the benefits of the transferring to the HostingRaja web hosting company?

These are the benefits of the website transfer to the HostingRaja web hosting company.

Why most of the customers will migrate to the Virtual Private Server (VPS)?

For the above reasons, most of the customers are migrated to the Virtual Private Server.

How to transfer your website to the new host?

The steps involved in the website transfer are given by,

Besides the above procedure, there are two options are available on the website transfer process.

  1. Outsource your site migration for free:
  1. Transfer your website manually:

What are the steps to website transfer along with the domain name?

There are five steps for the website transfer along with the domain name. They are given by,

What are the important things to be considered before the website transfer?

  1. You can calculate the risks and prepare for the impact
  2. You must create a backup of everything and download it
  3. You can take care of your URL structure
  4. You can also consider the URL redirection is an important factor for SEO
  5. You will maintain the same hierarchy of files and folders
  6. You can remove broken page links and 404 errors
  7. You can set up a new robots.txt file
  8. You must give a high priority to a higher authority website
  9. Finally you can plan your strategies in case of re-branding

These are the some of the important things you must keep in your mind before the website transfer.

What are the factors are affecting the website transfer?

These are the some of the factors are affecting the website transfer.

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