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What Are the Benefits of the Switchable Smart Projection Glass?

Technology is advancing faster than ever, and the impact is apparent in every sector of society. One of these innovations is smart glass, used to deliver value in several innovative ways. This product has been popularly used in homes and offices to improve aesthetics and also enhance privacy. Architects and designers use smart glass skylights that bring home and office interiors to life through natural lighting. Smart home companies have also integrated this technology into home automated systems, bringing unprecedented comfort and personalization options to homeowners. 

Smart glass can also be used as a switchable intelligent projection glass. It changes between transparent and opaque modes when exposed to electric current, activated through a button or switch, thus making it useful as a projection screen.  That is why the product is often called a switchable smart projection glass.

How it Works

The switchable smart film is an electroactive vinyl material that can be installed onto existing glass structure. The film is connected to a transformer that supplies current to the product. Finally, a control switch or digital remote device is used to control the on-off mode.  At completion, the setup becomes a smart glass that can change from a transparent screen to a frosted HD rear projection at the touch of a button.

Some switchable smart glass projection screens are constructed as laminated smart glass, shipped with power transformer, wired cable suspension system, and a remote control switch. Once the device is switched on, it transforms into a high-definition rear projection screen. Some models support dual projection, i.e., from the switchable smart projection glass rear. Just setup a HD rear projector to display your moving images, videos, presentations or any digital advertising materials.

Benefits of the Smart Projection Glass

Retrofit Installation

An existing glass fixture can be converted to a switchable smart projection glass. The smart film has a self-adhesive static liner that makes retrofit installation onto existing glass structures easy.

Customizable Size

The readymade models of switchable smart projection screen come in various sizes. They can also be custom made to fit perfectly into any existing structure or customized to the buyer’s requirements.

Versatile Application

The Switchable Smart Projection glass has versatile applications.  It can be used on in-store or shop front windows for retail advertising display purposes. It serves as an outdoor advertisement screen, used in hotels and recreational centers, and perfect for theater, Churches, Museums, and other public locations. 

Sleek Appearance

The sleek minimalist appearance of the switchable smart glass and films looks beautiful. It can be installed at any location without disrupting the aesthetic settings. The screen remains transparent until it is switched to the frosted mode.  That is why it integrates seamlessly with indoor and outdoor structures.


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