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Types of Headphones and Their Uses

The equipment which we use to listen to music has changed and upgraded with time. Initially, people used walkmans and CD players to listen to music when they are on the go. But with time, things changed. After the walkman and CD players phase, the world got the iPod. This device was tiny, and people you carry more than 1000 songs in their pocket. Later the iPod was succeeded by our smartphones. So, here the music listening tool has changed over the years.

Similarly, the headphones and speakers also got now are much more advanced and compact than what we used to get 50 years back. Now there are many headphone designs that satisfy a particular purpose. For example, for studio purposes, you get a different kind of headphone. For workouts and exercises, you will need another type of headphone. The list goes on and on. For example, the new BeatBoxer headphone is perfect if those who want to enjoy high-quality music as they are on the go. 

Types of Headphones

To break it down for you, we will classify the types of headphones that are available in the market and what their uses are.

Over-Ear Headphones

As the name suggests, the headphones cover the entire ear as the earcups are big enough to cover the whole ear. These headphones are mainly used for studio and media purposes. These headphones offer crystal clear sound as they cut off the environment sound and provide noise isolation. You can check out headphones by ReysorLink if you are looking to listen to some high-quality music.

On-Ear Headphones

These headphones, like the BeatBoxer, are the most trendy ones in the market today. They resemble over-ear headphones but are more compact and stylish. Their earcups are a bit smaller; hence they only over the top part ear and not covering it entirely. They are also very portable and stylish. If you are looking for stylish on-ear headphones, you can check out ReysorLink headphones. The brand will introduce the BeatBoxer headphones going live on 15th September 2020 and will be available via crowdfunding platform To know more about ReysorLink products, check out

In-Ear Headphones

If you do not like anything covering the ear, then the in-ear headphone is the perfect choice for you. These look like small buds that fit directly inside your ear. Hence, they are easy to carry, and its sound quality is also decent.

As per your choice, you can select from the above types of headphones and enjoy your music all day long. 

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