Top 6 Common Issues That Remote IT Teams Face during Covid’19 And How to Surpass Them

Nowadays people are doing business remotely. People are able to connect to people from one corner of the world to the other in just a click. Economies are getting a boost since people are able to work with diverse people who have varied abilities and skills. Hence, outsourcing of work is appreciated and supported widely throughout the world.

Though there are benefits attached to this, having IT teams work remotely can be a bane more than a boon. It is necessary that we are able to deal with this properly so that we have an effective team. This means that we have to create effective team building activities which would help in boosting the team confidence and function better. So there are some precautions that can be taken and every member of the team can make an attempt to stick to it.

Barriers with Communication

Misunderstanding in communication can lead to a variety of problems. This is not just limited to IT teams working remotely, but it can be extended to all walks of life. With respect to business, it can affect it in a negative manner and also hamper its growth. Sometimes there are gaps in communicating with different departments and this leads to gaps and loopholes. Hence, many a times departments have to go back to the same points and discuss in detail all the projects, which is a waste time, effort and money.

Difference in Time zones

In business, we will have people from different countries and time zones. This makes it difficult to coordinate and get everybody together for a conference or a meeting. Not everybody would be free at a particular time to engage with the entire team. Therefore, it becomes extremely essential for the leader or project manager to give precise deadlines so that the team members can decide and complete the project on time. The manager should also keep some time to deal with loopholes or lags so that it can be dealt well.

Progress Tracking

It is not always possible to understand what your employees are doing all the time due to the remote team systems. There has to be a sense of trust in business relationships and one should make sure that everybody is doing their best. Hence monitoring employee’s performance becomes essential so that they know where they stand, and what are the changes that have to be made.

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