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The Scheduling Software with Great Use

If you are a restaurant owner, you probably know it better than we do: the creation of a Google business account to communicate your schedules, receive your opinions and your registration on certain social networks have become essential to the opening of a restaurant.

The digitization of the catering sector is already well advanced. In parallel with the communication and information media mentioned above and known to all, hides the invisible part of the digital iceberg of which reservation systems are a part.

Why use booking platforms?

Booking platforms have multiplied in recent years: These different players have in common to meet a double demand:

On the customer side, find out about a restaurant and easily book a table in a few clicks, occasionally benefiting from discounts.
On the restaurant side, automate reservations to save time, anticipate rushes and benefit from better organization and visibility during your day.

But that’s not all: the use of booking platforms such as the software makes it possible to retain customers, attract new ones and see a significant increase in revenues estimated at 25% by the brand after the creation of a tool.

Another advantage of these frequently used platforms, the setting up of campaigns and systems against the all too recurring problem of “no-shows” (your client has booked but will not come, without taking the trouble to warn you, otherwise it will is not funny.)

It is therefore becoming urgent for restaurateurs to choose a good reservation system for their establishment. The use of the client scheduling software is important in this case.

Using several reservation platforms for your restaurant: a good strategy?

Faced with the multiplicity of these players, one option is frequently used: use several reservation systems at the same time to reach a larger clientele. A wise choice which however comes up against the same drawback: having to juggle between different systems which, in addition to an obvious lack of practicality which prevents you from having a global vision, makes you waste your time above all .

Some have even installed several screens in their establishment to manage their deliveries and reservations. But to give you a vivid picture if you are not directly affected by this problem, imagine having to go from one interface to another in full service, surrounded by screens independent of each other. Your restaurant then takes on the appearance of a control tower.

Visibility and availability

An online reservation system allows us to know the status of availabilities and reservations with just a glance. It will not be necessary to have written records, since all the information will be registered in the database of the online reservation system.

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