Temporary conversations – Get your point across securely with vanishing messages

Privacy is increasingly important in today’s digital world. The Internet has become a vital part of our lives – we talk, work, shop, bank, and much more. In addition to providing convenience, this also poses potential privacy risks. Companies try to collect, sell, or misuse our data because it is valuable. Cybercriminals also attempt to steal our personal information. Online communication and sharing of information can be protected by the tools available today. With PrivNote, users can send notes, messages, and files immediately after reading.

PrivNote is a web application that produces self-destructing messages and files. When you use PrivNote to send a note, text file, or conversation, the recipient views it briefly before it disappears from PrivNote’s servers. Neither you nor the recipient have to manage saving or deleting the information – it happens automatically. It allows you to send private information while limiting its lifetime and traceability. Rather than leaving a permanent record, your messages essentially vanish into thin air after being read. There’s no need to worry that your private text might stick around indefinitely without your knowledge or consent.

  • Encrypted notes – All notes are encrypted before uploading to PrivNote’s servers. It protects the contents from third-party access.
  • Self-destructing – Notes self-destruct after being read by the recipient. The lifespan is adjustable from 1 minute up to 7 days. After that time, the note is permanently erased.
  • No accounts required – PrivNote doesn’t require creating an account or logging in, adding to its anonymity. All you need is a link to send or receive a note.
  • Customizable access – You set notes to require a password for access by the recipient. It offers an extra layer of control and security.
  • File sharing – You can share files with up to 2GB in size in addition to text notes. All files are encrypted in transit and storage.

Key uses

There are many situations where sending self-destructing messages comes in handy:

  • Personal conversations – PrivNote is great for discussing sensitive topics with friends or loved ones that you don’t want to persist after the conversation ends. It could include passwords, bank details, confidential information, or private thoughts and feelings you eventually want to fade away.
  • Workplace collaboration – Co-workers use PrivNote to share confidential documents, proposals, code snippets, and other work products that shouldn’t remain accessible indefinitely. The ephemeral nature allows more open teamwork with reduced long-term risks.
  • Anonymous tips – Sources, whistleblowers, or concerned citizens want to anonymously report information to journalists or officials without it identifying them. PrivNote allows this without revealing identities.
  • Tech support – When assisting others with tech issues, being able to share screenshots, system info, or configuration files helps resolve problems faster. PrivNote allows privately sharing the required info without it lingering online afterward.
  • Other private info – Whether it’s an address, phone number, ID number, or any other info you only intend the recipient to briefly access, PrivNote helps share it securely and temporarily.

The use cases for vanishing messages are extensive. If you ever need to convey confidential or sensitive information you don’t want permanently accessible, PrivNote helps.

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