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Stay Ahead of Your Competitors by Identifying Broken Links and Fixing Them

If you have an online business, then you do know that due to the changing expectations of your customers, you need to be on your toes to maintain the health of your websites. One of the ways to ensure that there is constant traffic to your website is by tracking your backlinks.

Identifying Broken Links and Resolving Them

Backlinks can be either inbound or outbound links. Inbound links are hyperlinks that come from third-party websites and direct them to your page. Outbound links, on the other hand, are links from your website that points to other third-party websites.

Having good quality backlinks ensures that your website is thriving and gaining the attention of lots of potential visitors. The downside is that sometimes backlinks can be broken for a variety of reasons, and if you do not constantly monitor these, it can lead to a fall in your ranking.

So, what causes backlinks to malfunction? Some of the popular reasons are:

You can make use of Broken links checkers offered by popular SEO tools such as Linkascope. These features offer complete monitoring of your backlink profile.

In case of broken or dead backlinks, it immediately sends you an alert so that you can work on resolving it immediately. In addition to this, it allows offers ‘Nofollow” tags on dead backlinks, signaling search engines to ignore these links.

This ensures that your website is also thriving with good-quality links, thus improving the ranking of your website. You can also manage referring domains by easily reaching out to third-party webpage owners to remove dead or toxic links.

You can even use URL shorteners such as to shorten your URL and build on more backlinks. Long URLs are time-consuming and might not hold the interest of your target audience. This can lead to less traffic as many users might get interested in your competitor’s website if their URL is short and catchy.

You can make you of this effective tool to create top standard short links and improve the image of your website. These short links never expire, which can in turn improve your click-through rates. You can even get the overall stats about your short links allowing you to make quick decisions.

Using the Right SEO Tools for the Job

In addition to the above two SEO tools, you might also be interested in the below tools such as:

Moz comes with a feature called Link Explorer that offers you a detailed analysis of your competitor’s backlink profile. You can even use the link profile comparison tool to understand your competitor’s strength and weakness and use it to improve your website.

Monitor Backlinks is another tool that allows you to disavow any broken or dead links and comes with a keyword ranking feature.

Majestic SEO offers metrics wherein you check for quality backlinks and their visibility flow. You can also drill down on your anchor texts to see how they are faring.


The right strategy can ensure that you never lose out on potential visitors to your website. The expectations of the customers keep changing and you need to ensure that you meet up to their expectations with the right backlink monitoring tools.

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