SEO or SEM, Which Do You Think Is More Useful?

SEO comes from the word Search Engine Optimization. That means search engine optimization. With SEO work, it is ensured that websites appear on the first page of search engines. With the right optimization, your site is valued in Google and other search engines.

SEM comes from the word Search Engine Marketing. That means search engine marketing. The most important marketing tool of the Google search engine is AdWords. With SEM, you make your site rank higher by placing paid advertisements on search engines.


Advertising platforms such as Google ads and Yandex Direct, which are the biggest advertising pillars of SEM, are faster than SEO work. Because ads are given to certain areas in Google or Yandex rankings for a fee, you start to get conversions on the first page within 1 day. You can interfere with SEM ads, stop them and create new ad groups whenever you want. However, as SEO starts to take effect after long studies, your efficiency will be delayed a bit.


SEM ads progress in direct proportion to your budget. Since every word has a cost, not having enough budget prevents you from getting positive results and may cause you to appear in the first page or second page ads. Therefore, if your budget runs out, your ads will stop automatically. SEM ads are never permanent. If the SEO work is done correctly and continuously by experts, you will be guaranteed to be permanent in the search engines. This persistence is not only dependent on SEO work. During and after the work, the site must be live without any problems. You will not lose your position for a long time, as search engines do not update a new algorithm and regular work is done.


In SEM, the budget changes depending on the competition and cost of keywords. Therefore, the cost is constantly increasing. Since the SEO work is predetermined, the working fee is certain. There will be no change in price. The cost of SEO work is always more economical. This price difference is calculated according to the scope of work for 1 year.

First Page Clickthrough Rates

Search engine users have a tendency not to click on ads, a feature that has been around for years. Since the advertisement to the users is for commercial purposes, they often do not click on the thought of not finding what they want. This shows that users mostly click on organic searches. Organic searches get more clicks than ads because users believe that search engines show more accurate results. According to the results of the research; SEO 80%, SEM 20%.

Content Quality

Since the purpose of SEM is customer-oriented and commercial, its quality is low in terms of informing the user as content. In SEO, however, the content is of high quality, since it is to deliver accurate and quality information to the user. Like this article you read as an example…

First Page Guarantee

According to Google advertising policy, there is no first page guarantee in the advertising space. Because the advertiser with the right targeting, the right work, and the highest budget goes to the top. For this reason, you are less likely to be on the first page for a long time with small budgets. With the right and continuous work in SEO, your site can be on the first page and be permanent for a long time.


Since SEM ads are fee-based, they restrict you from being on the first page all the time. This means that you will not be visible to every user. However, as your ranking improves with SEO work, your brand awareness will also increase. For example; Is it the company that is temporarily in the 1st place with an AdWords ad? Or is it the company that ranks #1 in organic search?

Note: With SEM ads, you can reach sales-oriented users in a shorter time. However, the fee you will spend will be very high compared to SEO work. There is a fact that, with the right SEO work, you can reduce the budget of SEM ads.

Final words

On the web, you can find ton of SEO companies, but according to clutch here is a few of them:

  1. Ignite Visibility: Work with the true digital marketing experts.
  2. WebFX: An SEO solution that drives revenue
  3. SocialSEO: #1 SEO Agency in the US
  4. Almond Solutions: An SEO company with a nerd team
  5. Boostability: Affordable & Effective SEO For Small Businesses
  6. Big Leap: A Digital Marketing & SEO Agency You Can Trust.


Remember that when you hire an agency for your SEO project, you need to make sure that they can integrate the lead generation with SEO. Why? Put simply, SEO-generated traffic does nothing for your website if it doesn’t convert to leads.

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