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SEO Checklist For Bloggers To Follow And Gain Top Google Ranking

Search engine optimization is crucial for bloggers. They need to carefully plan and apply a potent optimization strategy for their blogs. Search engine optimization does not have a fixed procedure but a few unavoidable factors can impact their worthy search engine ranking. It is essential to achieve organic traffic, so every blogger has to consider their search engine optimization strategies seriously.

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Search engine optimization is complex process and labor-intensive. If you are refurbishing an existing website or creating a new one or performing a website audit then it is essential to maintain a search engine optimization checklist. It helps you to optimize your website quickly and you don’t miss out on any tiny details, which can badly impact your Google ranking.

Search engine optimization checklist for bloggers to follow

The checklist has factors that you must be aware of and even some software to add to your arsenal.

Basic checklist

Keyword research checklist

Identifying rich target keywords is crucial because helps customers to find your brand with ease. Keyword research is one of the pillars of an effective search engine optimization process.

On-page optimization checklist

Technical checklist

Content checklist

Link building checklist

Link building is also essential for search engine optimization. Backlinks are top-ranking signals. Link building is hard yet not impossible, so never ignore it.

Advanced search engine optimization guidelines and strategies 

Bloggers who follow the search engine optimization checklist mentioned above will definitely improve their Google ranking, it works!

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