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Proxy Servers In Germany: A Step-By-Step Guide

Are you a fan of German TV, but can’t access some streaming services like ZDF from outside Germany? Unfortunately, such situations happen very often as geo-blocking has become increasingly common in recent years. Is it possible to solve the problem? Yes, but you need a German IP address. Here is when proxies for German come to help.

Using a Germany proxy

When you use the Internet in normal mode, your PC (or another smart device) connects to the website you are visiting directly. A proxy from Germany gives you many more opportunities as it allows you to access the web sources through a local German IP address.

It is possible to apply these proxies to almost any device so you can enjoy your favorite TV series on your tablet or laptop. They also work with different browsers. Although the principles of their work might vary widely, the final result will be the same: the proxy will redirect your incoming and outgoing traffic via a German IP, so it will be the same if you are surfing the Internet from Germany.

Why you shouldn’t use free German proxies

If you search on Google for a free proxy in Germany, you will find tons of tempting offers. However, you should be careful as they might monitor your browsing habits and transfer that info to third parties. Free proxies also come with various security and privacy risks. Opt for more reliable options like as they provide different types of proxies, including SOCKS5 and HTTP(s).

Why are paid proxies better?

Content providers may blacklist IPs that are linked to proxies and VPNs. Free proxies are shared between a great number of people, so it is very easy to identify them. By using a personal German proxy server, you can prevent many of these problems at ease.

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