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Planning to Buy a Face Shield for Personal Use or Commercial Sales? Then, Here’s What You Should Know About It

When it’s a face shield that’s in question, it needs to meet certain benchmarks in terms of quality. Whilst there are many companies that will guarantee you a more than satisfactory product, but, in reality, there are only a few elite firms like the visiere protection Lezar 3D company in Quebec that’ll be able to offer more than what they promise. 

The professionals working on the designs, builds, and models in this company carry decades of experience; hence, the stunning qualities. So, this guide is all about the different features that a face shield must have in order to be able to serve its purpose. If you’ve been looking around for such products, then this is the ideal guide for you. Have a look!

  1. It Should Be FDA Approved

An FDA approved face shield like the V Series Face Shield by visiere protection has a strong plastic support that makes the product last for a very long time without developing scratches. 

  1. It Should Be Easy to Clean

One of the biggest turn offs of buying a substandard face shield is that it either doesn’t get properly clean or it requires special solutions and special soaps to clean the elastic. It makes the product an expensive investment in the long run. But, it’s not the case with the face shields from this firm. 

You can use all kinds of detergents, solutions, solvents, and soaps that you generally use for household work to clean their products. 

  1. It Should Be a Reusable Product

Now, one of the biggest reasons that many face shields aren’t reusable is that they cannot be sterilized. Hence, they become unsafe to use after a certain period of time. 

But this product can be sterilized at high temperatures. Every time you’ll sterilize it, it will become as fresh and as clean as it was when you purchased it. 

  1. It Should be a Finished Product

An economical product is the one that should be finished. You can always choose to get it customized with 3D prints. 

Besides, these face shields are inexpensive. A single piece is priced at just 15 $ + taxes. 

You can contact the company on their website – – in order to get quotations for wholesale purchase. You can also email them and they’ll get in touch with you. 


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