MilesWeb Review – Reasons to Opt For Reseller Hosting

One of the easiest ways to make money is to buy a hosting service and sell it to others. It is known as reseller hosting and, it has been the most lucrative endeavor.

In this article, I will be introducing you to one of the best reseller hosting providers, MilesWeb.

MilesWeb is highly affordable. It offers cheap reseller hosting services to clients. It has a pay-as-you-grow mindset that developers, designers and small business owners will highly appreciate. High uptime, super-fast speed are some of the things that MilesWeb offers to its users.

So, let’s get to know in brief about their windows reseller web hosting service.

Know About Reseller Hosting   

Reseller hosting is a web hosting service that allows you to resell server resources to your clients as if they were your own.

You can utilize allocated bandwidth and disk space for hosting websites on behalf of individuals or other companies. So, it means you can set up your own web hosting company. You have your clients with your own brand name and, also you can set up your prices.

The web hosting provider handles everything at the backend of your websites like server management, hardware and software upgrades. It allows you to concentrate on expanding your business. The main benefit of reseller hosting is, it gives you a white-labeled system. With this, you have full branding capabilities where you can sell the products and services under your brand name.

How Can I Get Started with Reseller Hosting? 

The initial step is to purchase a reseller hosting package. After you have selected the reseller hosting package, with the WebHostManager (WHM) control panel through which you can start and manage your reseller hosting business.

 Which Reseller Hosting Plan Should I Choose? 

With each reseller hosting plan, you get features suitable for a different workflow and, MilesWeb gives you the best solution for your needs. Also, you buy reseller hosting plan, the pricing gradually goes high.

There are four plans for Linux reseller hosting with MilesWeb, Micro, Startup, Grow and Expand.

With all the reseller hosting plans, you get to host unlimited domains. Plus, you get unlimited bandwidth, a free SSL certificate, cPanel+WHM, Softaculous, unlimited MySQL databases and unlimited email accounts.

The pricing of the reseller hosting plan are: 

  • Micro plan costs Rs.396 per month on the subscription of three years.
  • Startup plan costs Rs.704 per month on the subscription of three years.
  • Grow plan costs Rs.1,320 per month on three years of subscription.
  • Expand plan costs Rs.1,936 per month on three years of subscription.

Benefits of Reseller Hosting with MilesWeb

  1. SSL Certificates for Free 

Your websites are kept safe and 100% secure with the strongest encryption. MilesWeb includes a free Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate with its web hosting plans. It keeps your website safe from threats. Also, it boosts the SEO rankings of your website.

  1. Host Unlimited Websites 

With every Linux reseller hosting plan, you can create a definite number of cPanel accounts. You can host numerous domains within one cPanel account. There is no limitation on the Sub-domain and Add-on domain that you can add under one cPanel account.

  1. 100% SSD Storage Drives

With MilesWeb, websites are stored on powerful SSD storage drives. Traditional drives take you nowhere, whereas websites stored on SSD servers boost their performance to the fullest.

  1. cPanel Control Panel 

You can make use of the control panel by giving its access to your clients so that they can manage their domains, emails and websites from a web-based interface. You get the freedom to monitor disk usage, space and bandwidth. Also, you have the right to suspend, unsuspend and terminate the accounts of your clients.

  1. One-Click Installer 

Softaculous one-click installer allows you to install applications with just one click. You and your clients can install these applications within a few clicks.

  1. Email Services 

Emails can be sent or received from your domain. You can set up a professional business email id with free unlimited email accounts.

With the browser-based webmail that supports POP3/IMAP through which you can access emails anywhere you go.

  1. 100% White Labeled Systems 

If you are not hosting your customers with your own hardware does not mean you will unable to brand your hosting how you like. MilesWeb offers a 100% white labeled system. It allows you to sell the services and products under your brand name.

  1. Datacenter Choice 

For your reseller hosting business, you can choose the data center location according to your preference. Choosing a data center close to your target audience will help to improve the page loading speed of websites. MilesWeb has data centers in India, Canada, Singapore, Australia, the United Kingdom and the United States of America.

Thus, there are numerous reasons to opt MilesWeb’s reseller hosting.

Why MilesWeb’s Website Builder Tool? 

MilesWeb’s website builder is fast and easy to use. It lets you create a website with ease. Select a ready-to-launch template. In that, add your content and images, text and, you are good to go.

Best Features of MilesWeb’s Reseller Hosting


24×7 Customer Support 

The in-house expert team of MilesWeb is available round the clock to help you through email, tickets, or live chat with any of your web hosting queries. You can reach out to them for any of your concerns. Their support specialists are available 24×7.

99.95% Uptime Guarantee 

MilesWeb understands that your website is essential for your business’s success. All the web hosting plans of MilesWeb come with a 99.95% uptime guarantee.

Meaning, your website will be up all the time without any difficulty.

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee 

You can try MilesWeb’s web hosting services risk-free. If you are not satisfied with their hosting service, you can request a refund within 30 days of your purchase.


MilesWeb offers the best reseller hosting service. With the 100% white labeled systems, you can sell the products and services under your own brand name. So, get ready to make money with MilesWeb’s reseller hosting and earn huge profits.








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