Laser Cutting Applications and the Industries They Are Used In


Using a laser to make various cuts is a process that is used in many different industries across the board. Such industries include jewelry, automotive, tool, medical, die, mold, and more. Laser cutting is used to make parts for medical devices, electronics, computer parts, and so much more. Using a laser is ideal to use on materials that are too difficult to cut or need precision. Below is a closer look at popular uses for a laser cutter and the various industries that use it.

Tool and Die Industries

As briefly mentioned above, laser cutters are used to make dies so that replica pieces can be cut. You can learn more about boss laser by understanding how it used in the specific industries mentioned. For example, in the tool and die industry, a laser has the ability to cut various depths into the material that is being used (mostly metal).

Laser cutting can also be used to make injection molds with much accuracy. This makes the process much easier, precise, and it is less time consuming. This saves the employer money and lessens the need for a large workforce.

Regarding the tool industry, laser cutters are used to mark or engrave different tools, but they can be used to manufacture more simpler tools, such as hand tools. Along the lines of hand tools, the laser can also be used to engrave a logo or the company’s name on the handles of the tools (the rubberized part).

The Jewelry Industry

A laser cutter is vastly used in the jewelry industry because it is so precise. For example, a watch has many small and intricate parts, such as the gears. For this, a laser is best used because of the accuracy it lends. Such watches can be made in less time and not a lot of materials would be wasted.

A laser’s ability to cut various shapes and thicknesses make it a great tool for jewelry making. A jeweler can easily use a laser cutter to make precise measurements for rings or bracelets. Finally, the same laser can be used to engrave or inscribe letters, a name, or a message on a piece of jewelry. Many personalization companies use laser cutters to get a precise and accurate engraving on a specific piece of jewelry.

Medical Devices

Medical devices and various surgeries use laser technology. Surgeons use a laser to make small and precise cuts so that patients heal much faster after surgery. Lasers are also used to manufacture medical devices that help patients lead a better quality of life. Examples of medical devices manufactured by use of a laser cutter include stents, flexible shafts, vascular clips, and so much more.

The industries mentioned above are only a few of the many uses for laser cutters. As technology continues to advance, there will be more and more uses for lasers. Not only that, but the technology around the lasers will also improve and get a lot more technical. The possibilities will be amazing and wonderful at the same time.


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