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Know About The Long: Term Benefits of Using UVGI Technology

It goes needless to mention, that a lot of tenants, employees, and students have researched, Googled, and learned the most about viruses in the last three months than in their entire lives. The response of building operators isn’t perfectly aimed at short-term solutions for COVID, but instead long-term, considering the overall health of the occupants, despite the illness hovering around. The UVGI or Ultra-Violet Germicidal Irradiation technology is one of those long-term solutions.

UVGI Technology: From Where it All Began?

Ultraviolet light was used for disinfection since time immemorial, with the first-ever HVAC system application occurring in 1940. It is a reviewed technology that is accompanied by a track record. The typical commercial products put the 253.7 nm wavelength UV-band into use, a near to maximum wavelength for organic materials degradation and microorganisms inactivation. The UV-C band energy is used for the inactivation of microorganisms and is referred to as the UVGI.

The exposure of humans to UV hazardous, so it is used in one out of the four configurations.

Disinfecting in-Rooms

The high-intensity UV-C lamps situated within the reserved space are activated for multiple periods when the room is not occupied. The UVGI is used in applications of healthcare especially for disinfecting the operating rooms which are in between the patients.

 Upper-Room Disinfecting

The standard UV-C lamps are implemented so the UV energy can be angled over the occupied region. The upper-room disinfection is used in the school and healthcare applications, here the persistent operation is considered useful.

Disinfecting In-AHU Surface

The standard intensity UV-C lamps situated in the AHU or Air Handling Unit at the cooling coil are utilized to get the coil irradiated, filtered, and drain pan condensated. The in-AHU disinfection can also control the growth of microorganisms and bring down maintenance, it minimizes the biofilm, drops the coil air pressure, and enhances the efficacy of coil heat transfer.

Disinfection of in-AHU Airstream

Higher intensity followed by greater UV-C lamp quantity is utilized just like the surface disinfection. The efficacy of UVGI is a function of time which is thereafter multiplied with intensity to result in a higher UV output which can be utilized to get the microorganisms inactivated inside the airstream, besides the surface disinfection.

The UVGI is perfect for new constructions and retrofit applications. The professional service provider of UVGI can help you understand if UVGI technology is perfect for your building and which are the best products that can cater to your needs.

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