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How to watch Netflix for free from anywhere in the world

There are many streaming services in the industry that are the most popular right now, for instance, Netflix, Hulu, Disney Plus, Amazon Prime and others. But, I truly doubt everyone has access to them. Let’s talk about Netflix. It is one of the most popular, but can users access some content for free? Or can they even access the service as a whole?

Netflix hold content from various libraries around the world, ranging from South African, US, CA, UK and IND libraries. You’ll even find some really great Netflix originals in the US library. However, the sad fact about Netflix is that not every user can access the service, especially if they’re living anywhere outside the US and its territories.

However, the great news is, regardless of where you live, you’ll still be able to access the service. But, the most important question still is:

Can you watch Netflix for free?

Yes, and no.

Netflix allows some of its content like movies and TV shows to be screened for free. The content library for free movies and shows are constantly changing according to Netflix, so users need to keep a regular check up on it before it switches.

However, even though some users can access the free content on Netflix, it doesn’t mean everyone around the world will be able to access it. There are certain countries around the world that won’t be able to access Netflix entirely, let alone its free streaming content.

So…what do you do about that? What if I told you that there’s a workaround method for it? When you use a VPN, you’ll be able to break through the geo-blocks and access Netflix and all its free content in no time.

How to watch free Netflix from geo-blocked regions

As mentioned above, a VPN is one of the best solutions to help you bypass many geo-blocks and restrictions. With it, you’ll be able to access Netlfix and its many libraries, along with multiple other streaming services from anywhere in the world.

Jumping right to it, here’s how users from geo-restricted countries, can access Netflix and its free content:

Additionally, if you’re not able to access the US Netflix, you could always try connecting to other VPN servers, depending on the Netflix territories. However, the free content various from country to country, and can only be accessed through your browser.

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