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How to see your grandkids remotely in just a few clicks

Technology has allowed family members to interact with each other in various ways. At first, interacting with those not physically present was by telephone. The first cellphone was then invented in 1973, allowing you to call other individuals without a landline. As cellphones progressed, text messaging was created, and soon after, social media platforms became available to those with the internet. When you mix the internet with cellphones, you get smartphones where you can do almost anything at the tips of your fingers.

Whether you are at home or out in public, you can send a text message, participate in a video call, or check Facebook for updates on your friends and family.

Facetime and Google Duo

If you have a smartphone, whether it is Apple or Android, you can use Facetime or Google Duo to connect with your grandkids. Both of those apps allow you to do live video chats from any location. These apps can also be used on tablets or iPads. When you are using your smartphone for a live video chat, it is easy to pass the phone around to speak with everyone in the room.

You can invite more than one phone into the live chat as well. For example, you can Facetime one grandkid in Michigan, and another grandkid in Texas and all be in one conversation.

Facetime and Google Dup are easy to use and straightforward. You can click a contact on your phone, and the video will start dialing them directly. Once they answer, you will see their face right on your screen, and you can start talking.

Facebook Users

Facebook has many features that allow you to see your grandkids. You can see them in photos that are uploaded or videos that are posted. Facebook also has a feature called Facebook Live where someone can start a live video. Others can comment directly on the video, and the person recording can respond in the live video. Facebook allows you to share photos and videos with others and comment on them as well.

When you go months without seeing your grandkids, a recent photo of them, a vacation they took, or a birthday party they attended can help you stay connected and involved in their life. You can access Facebook on your phone, tablet, or computer, and posts can be seen by Facebook users the second they are posted.

Live video calls

Other video call platforms can be used if you do not have Facebook or have a smartphone. If you have a computer or laptop instead, you can still download Zoom or Skype on the computer. You can set up a time to talk with your grandkids and invite them to the video call. Once they accept the call, you can do a live video chat. These platforms also allow more than two users in the video call, so it is a great way for multiple people in various places to interact with each other.

Whether you are using these video calls because of the pandemic or because you live in another state, it is a great way to see your grandkids from a distance but feel like you are there in person.


In just a few clicks, you can be connecting with your grandkids, sharing stories, or even helping with their homework. If you can’t make it to a band performance or sporting event, you might be able to view it through live videos. The various ways you can video call or record videos and share them make social distancing and being away from family members more bearable. You can witness their milestones and achievements from afar.  

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