How To Optimise Your Current IT Solutions in 2020 for Best Growth


Technology is evolving at a rapid pace and as it does so, any savvy IT professional knows that his or her role will not stay the same. Staying with current technology trends and keeping one eye on the future is essential for any business to succeed and grow in an ever-changing business climate. Here’s just some of the ways in which IT can help to grow your business.

Cloud Computing

Moving your business to the Cloud is a smart move for small to medium businesses. Cloud computing not only saves business time and money, but it also boosts productivity and promotes innovation. Cloud computing enables a business to access information from anywhere with a compatible device. It means rather than storing information on your computer or office server, data is stored on the internet and anyone with the correct credentials and internet access can access from any location.

Cloud computing syncs data from all connected devices and keeps them updated with real time information. Services include data storage, accounting, remote desktop hosting and customer service tools. Business can use three types of cloud services to store data, public, private and hybrid.

Managed Connectivity

Choosing the right internet connection for your business is essential. When you consider the cost of downtime to your business as well as the variety of applications being accessed through a web browser, you can start to see why the right internet connectivity is critical. To ensure you have the best solution for your business and for peace of mind it is advisable to outsource your Managed Connectivity. IT specialists will typically tailor a fully-bundled solution which includes installation, hardware, network access, cloud-based monitoring and 24/7 support.

Dynamics 365

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is designed to help you run your entire business and achieve greater results through predictive, AI-driven insights. This powerful platform allows you to see all your business and customer data in one place and because of its flexibility and rapid innovation, it can adapt to suit almost any type of business. Microsoft Dynamics 365, when correctly used, can result in a huge boost in innovation and a sound return on investment. It offers seamless connectivity between departments such as marketing, sales and customer services. It gives valuable insight from business intelligence and analytics, shortens the sales cycle and can enhance social engagement and customer service. To implement Dynamics 365 throughout your business it is wise to outsource the task to a trusted IT specialist company for maximum results.

Artificial Intelligence

Once science fiction, now business fact, artificial intelligence is being used to meet today’s business challenges whilst also preparing for the future. AI solutions are rapidly evolving and businesses which embrace this new technology are now financially outperforming their rivals. AI-related technologies can be used to support topline growth, employee skill gaps and data infrastructure.

For further information on any of these topics or for further advice on IT solutions for growing your business contact your local IT specialist.


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