How to fix the HP Printer is Offline issue?

HP printers are very commonly used. They work very effectively. And the print quality is outstanding. 

If you are an HP printer user, it might concern you that there are also many issues related to HP printers. A major issue is an error message,” HP printer is offline“. You may also encounter HP printers printing blank pages

Here we would try to find a fix to this problem. You are about to start printing a document, and a confusion notification arrives that the HP printer is offline. This can be very baffling and time-consuming. Some of the leading causes are:

  • Faulty settings
  • Lack of proper connection.
  • Drivers are outdated
  • Very honestly, this is a very common issue. It can occur when numerous printers are in connectivity. Some easy to carry out steps can resolve it. Here are the steps:
  • You should run “Scan Doctor” and HP Print.

# Scan doctor application and HP print can help to figure out the problems and resolve them.

# Download and run HPPS dr.exe. 

# When prompted, select “Yes”.

# Now, you must click start and select your printer.

# Your printer is not found in the list! You should restart the printer. And then, in print and scan doctor application select retry.

# Now, let the doctor application run and solve all the issues. You must tab yes when prompted.

# Continue the process and set your printer as the default printer.

If the issue continues, then go to the second step.

  • Default printer setup manually.

It may be required to set up printer choice manually. 

Let’s have a look.

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For Windows 10

# Through the search box or Cortana, you have to open the devices section.

# Now you must choose printers and scanners.

# Make sure that the box that is just next to “Let Windows manage my default printer” is not selected. If it is selected, then undo it.

# Choose your printer from the given list.

# In case of multiple listings, select the printer that is inactive or online.

# Now select manage.

# Then choose set as default printer.

For Windows 8

Select your working printer from the list of devices. If there are multiple versions, you should select the version that is not greyed out. You have to right-click now and set the printer as a default printer.

  • Check connection.

If the connection is not proper, the printer won’t work. So it is vital to set up a proper connection.

  • Use other devices.

If the printer is offline after you try all the above steps, then you can use any other device to complete the printing job in hand.


The users of HP printers might encounter the error message; HP printer is offline. Also, HP printer printing blank pages. These are very common issues. You can overcome this situation by following the instructions mentioned above.


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