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How Amazon Marketing Services Work: Beginner’s Guide 2021

Amazon is undoubtedly one of the biggest e-commerce platforms of the current times. For e-commerce sellers looking to achieve success on Amazon, there are no better means than Amazon marketing services. These are a set of tools used on Amazon for the promotion of products on this giant e-commerce platform.

How to go about with Amazon Marketing Services?

As an e-commerce seller, you can register on Amazon with any one of the accounts namely Seller Central, Vendor Central, Amazon Advantage, or Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP). Post-registration, you can enroll for Amazon Advertising to promote your business through Amazon advertising and marketing activities.

What Amazon Marketing Services and how do they work?

Amazon marketing services are the tools personalized for the Amazon ecosystem with the objective of promoting products on the platform. You can make use of these services according to your company’s goals and target sales. Some of Amazon’s marketing solutions based on different goals are:

1.   Amazon Store and Brand Registry

With the help of this feature, you can build a customized Amazon store with multiple pages. This leads to ease in the discovery of your brand page and your customers can explore all products offered by you. Without the requirement of any technical know-how, building a brand store on Amazon is a hassle-free process. It gives you the freedom of personalizing your store in your own unique way. With a brand store, you can avail data of sales, traffic, and insights related to your store.

2.   Sponsored Brand Ads

One of the popular Amazon marketing services is sponsored brand ads that contribute to the promotion of a brand for similar products. These pay-per-click ads consist of brand-specific elements- the brand’s logo, headline, and an array of products from the brand. These ads are displayed at the top on the first page of search results when someone searches your target keyword.  You can control which products and keywords you wish to target.

3.   Sponsored Product Ads

These ads are directed towards individual products and can appear on search result pages and product detail pages. You can make use of automatic targeting or product targeting to reach your audience. With the former, your ads shall be shown to the target audience through close matching, loose matching, substitutes, and complements for your keywords. On the other hand, with the latter, you can choose to target products or categories. Sponsored product ads work on the pay-per-click model and you can adjust your campaign budget and set bids accordingly.

4.   Sponsored Display Ads

Sponsored display ads target audiences both on and off Amazon. Being a prime tool for remarketing, sponsored display ads are cost per click and are featured to customers who have previously viewed your products or similar products. Amazon uses technologies such as Machine Learning for creating audiences based on shopping activities.

5.   Amazon DSP

Amazon DSP stands for its Demand Side Platform which allows sellers to buy ads on both Amazon and third-party platforms. It engages audiences off the platform and brings them to Amazon. These ads are in the form of static images, videos, or audio. It is different from sponsored display ads in the sense any seller can buy these ads even if they aren’t selling directly on Amazon.

Currently, Amazon has developed itself as an end-to-end ecommerce solutions platform for sellers. These solutions can be used by e-commerce sellers to increase sales conversions and ultimately improve revenue. However, to make Amazon marketing even easier, you can partner with an agency to aid you with these activities from start to end. Growisto is one of the best Amazon marketing agencies which helps sellers with marketing campaigns on Amazon. Opt for Growisto’s services and lead your brand to success on Amazon with their expertise.

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