Get A New SEO Project Off The Ground


A reputable and experienced SEO company should be able to help you taking off the search engine optimization campaign of your website. Your SEO project requires skills and experience from at least one SEO specialist (if the person has not yet become an expert in the industry).

A search engine optimization specialist role of two years of experience is expected to be able to manage SEO campaigns from start to finish, mostly in the execution phase, if not the conceptualization and strategic phases, even when the project is complex and large. Not only the experience or the technical aspects, the company needs the SEO specialist to be able to communicate well in both oral and written. In the Hong Kong business environment, it may expect to communicate mainly in Cantonese, and sometimes in Mandarin and English depending on the preference of the stakeholders. 

The SEO will have to handle bulk data in spreadsheets usually in Excel or CSV formats. The data he/she has to process through would probably include SEO keyword ranking data, web traffic data, web server log files, SEO site audit data, or more. The worst may even be thousands of product information including product names, product SKUs, product short and full descriptions, product attributes (that are in many dimensions), etc.

In terms of SEO software and/or tools, Brightedge, Moz, SEMrush, Ahrefs, Ubersuggest, etc are only some of them. The software will help the company site to gather the required data that are specifically for the purpose of improving organic search ranking. All the tools are different. But you will mostly need data including keyword position data, overall data (from full site audit), traffic data, crawl data, and more.

The SEO and his/her peer team members with sufficient web analytics experience on web analytics tools including Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics, Webtrends, Coremetrics, or more should be able to assist your company website with the analytics implementation and consulting.

Web pages these day are constructed using codes in HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Google, Yahoo, Bing, and other search engines read (or scan) the codes in HTML pages. This means on-page SEO will certainly involve arranging the code in a way that is easy for search engine crawler such as Googlebot to read and pick up.HTML is important for a web page because it is the structure of a page. It gives the structure to a web page in terms of page title tag, H1 heading tag, and other heading tags. In the images, it has the alt tag to describe exactly what the photos are about. You don’t need to be a web developer to setup this as with the support of WYSIWYG Editor, it’s just pretty simple to set.

Having a structure built for each type of web pages for the website is one thing, but each page still needs the actual content. The product pages can have the default product descriptions that have previously been passed to the marketing department. Some editing will be needed for website visitors. That is where SEO can add value. The copy of the product description has to be integrated with SEO keywords for the specific page or specific product.

When the company has a blog, it will require more effort on a weekly basis. Keeping aa blog active, and adding content to it first requires making a plan for new content marketing and content creation. Being able to write well in terms of both SEO and the specific industry may seem hard in the beginning. The problems with a SEO specialist is that he/she will run out of time when he/she is required to create blog content on a regularly basis.

As mentioned above, the strategic side of the project may require more experience to come up with. The more experienced search engine optimization expert can gather all the facts and performance statistics for the company website and formulate a comprehensive SEO campaign strategy based on goals, available resources/budget, and seo practices.

In the formulated strategic plan, having only the on-page and off-page optimization are not enough. The plan must include such as rich Snippets implementation in schema markup, Open Graph protocol, and a few various algorithm updates (if it has been focused), and more.


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