Get 24/7 Compliance with The AccessiBe WordPress Plugin for Your Site

In the USA, research claims that one in every four adults has some sort of disability. This report should prompt business owners to ensure their websites are fully accessible to them. Most business owners face challenges when it comes to boosting web accessibility to their users. They generally do not have the manpower or the money to do the task extensively with manual techniques. In case they resort to DIY methods, it is of no use as the codes break again due to WordPress updates.

The accessibe wordpress plugin effectively resolves the above problem of small to large-scale businesses. In fact, this tool is compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act or the ADA and the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines or the WCAG. Besides the above, business owners are able to get a superior hosting platform that works well with their WordPress sites. They are able to optimize their client sites in an enhanced way with this innovative platform.

Simple and convenient installation

The biggest advantage of this WordPress accessibility plugin is that it is simple and quite convenient for you to install on your site. The whole process takes some minutes, and when downloaded, you can activate it to start functioning promptly. The tool works in the background and does not tamper with your site’s user interface. It will scan your site every 24 hours to look for new content. When it identifies new content, it will scan every line and make adjustments for web accessibility. These adjustments can be made in just 48 hours.

Get the peace of mind you deserve

Compliance with accessibility laws is a big thing for businesses today. In case they violate any of the guidelines laid down by the ADA and the WCAG regulations, they will face legal penalties and litigation. The moment you activate the above plugin, you no longer have to worry about compliance and accessibility issues as you are no longer the responsible legal entity

Moreover, in the past, the ordeal of fixing website accessibility issues was very expensive and time-consuming for SMBs. Today, small business owners can bank on this tool to save lots of money and time for fixing web accessibility issues. They no longer have to face hefty fines for non-compliance anymore.

The accessibe wordpress plugin is a boon to both small to large-scale companies today. It works round-the-clock to give companies 24/7 web accessibility compliance. At the same time, it also helps business owners to focus on their core tasks. The tool is an automated AI tool that works continuously to identify wen accessibility issues and fix them daily. Business owners are able to reach out to a wider audience with disabilities, to promote their goods and services in the market with ease. At the same time, they create an all-inclusive environment for everyone online, fostering digital responsibility and appreciation towards customers with disabilities by opening the doors of web accessibility of their sites to them successfully!

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