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Eight Web Design Trends To Follow For 2022

 Almost 95% of a visitor’s initial impressions of your business is managed by web design, and good design can support your increased sales. As a result, consolidating innovative web design into your marketing strategy is more essential than ever.

However, what new web design trends can you expect in 2022, and how can you leverage them to liven up your website? Continue reading to learn about eight dynamic web design in Tauranga trends that you may use as a reference this year!

A Lot Of White Space

Much like print magazines, modern website design returns to minimalism with a flood of intentional white space. Like natural currents, white space directs users around your website pages, going from one section to the next, and it establishes a visual regime in which no feature deviates from the overall design.

Viewers are given breathing room by the white space, which allows their eyes to relax. Understanding is also improved by developing connections between page elements.

Human eyes perceive two components as one unit when they are close together with little white space between them. On the other hand, if two elements are further apart, your eyes will view them separately.

White space allows visitors to identify your site’s hierarchy. White space is also used on pages to distinguish the most relevant information; therefore, knowing how to maximise white space on your website will enhance the user experience (UX).

Cursors That Are Fun To Use

On modern websites, cursors are widespread, making page viewing a totally new experience. Adding entertaining cursors to your website in 2022 may be as simple as changing the cursor shape or as challenging as designing cursor-triggered animations. Your visitors will appreciate interacting with unique cursors in any scenario.

Headers That Encompass The Entire Page

In 2022, full-page headers will be the style to go for the current web design.

Web designers can practice a mixture of header layouts, but one common option is to place analytical text or call-to-action (CTA) eye-catching graphics on the right and buttons on the left side of the header. This is because users’ eyes are attracted to the top-left corner of your page.

Scrolling That Moves With You

Another new web design trend for 2022 is dynamic scrolling.

To offer visitors a 3D look, one variation of dynamic scrolling sets multiple scrolling rates for your site’s foreground and backdrop.

Bespoke Illustrations 

Illustrations breathe life into your brand and website. Print publications and other conventional art mediums for graphics inspire the current site design for 2022.

Websites will add original graphics into their present web design by 2022, ushering at the end of cookie-cutter stock photos.

Colours That Will Be Popular In 2022

Colour palettes are explored in modern website design, and each year a new trendy colour for the web emerges. It was blue in 2019 and mint in 2020. Gradients are a trend that will likely continue into 2020, and designers will likely continue to explore the depths to which gradients may take a design. Gradients are also ideal for reaching a wide audience because they encompass a variety of colours. Colour psychology will also play a major impact on web design trends in 2022. Before creating a new colour palette for your business, be sure you understand the psychology of colour. Your colours must be consistent with your brand.

Fonts That Are Large And Bold

In 2022, modern web design will use fonts even more. Sans-serif and serif fonts are still in demand, and the old type is making an unexpected comeback in branding.

Outlined and bold typefaces can be found in various areas, from brand names to landing page headlines, where screen dominating text is the most prevalent type trend.

Increased Emphasis On User Experience And Interface (UX/UI)

Humans were at the centre of modern web design trends in 2020, which will become even more essential in 2022.

In 2022, the user experience on your website must be seamless, uninterrupted, and engaging.

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