Alco Webizer

Digital Photography: The Photography Of The Moment

We all know that an image is the representation of reality. During the early stages, photography had severe limitations, since it required, for example, perfect lighting. Furthermore, due to the requirement that the object is fixed due to the need for light, it did not allow spontaneous photographs.

It is worth mentioning that photography had a great change with the advent of digital photography. The goal is to capture moment images, which are made possible by the very short exposure required and the help of regulating the diaphragms.

Currently, most of us have smartphones with integrated cameras and social networks, in which photography is more relevant. However, there are five characteristics that must be taken into account when working with this type of photography:

  1. The shutter speed that allows more or less light to enter the camera lens.
  2. The diaphragm is key to the concept of depth of field. This will determine which part of the image is or is not in focus—making certain points in your frame the most relevant.
  3. The ISO and the digital sensor that gives quality to the image and transforms the luminance information in binary material.
  4. The composition is another fundamental element when we work with digital photography. Thinking about it before launching to take the photo will mean that this image improves its quality, its expressiveness and, therefore, its magnetism and attractiveness.
  5. Programs to retouch the image, the use of filters and editing material can cause the naturalness of that image, its link with reality to be lost. Therefore, we must be clear about what our objective is when taking that photograph and act accordingly, so as not to distort the final result. Go to

In conclusion, digital photography is one of the most important artistic activities of human being. It allows us to develop different points of view, through an image.

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