Different Search Engines On The Internet

These days it’s absolutely no effort in finding answers to anything that comes to your mind. From finding locations to dresses, everything is at your tips—all of this just at a click of your finger. Search engines have made it extremely simple to get everything and know everything from the comfort of your home and office. Order things from all around the world, binge-watch your favorites shows, or learn online. All this with the help of a search engine.

Search engine answers all our queries and oh so quick. You can talk to SEO Experts if you want to get your website ranked on these search engines. Below are enlisted some of the most popular and commonly used search engines:


When you talk about search engines and you don’t name Google, that’s impossible. Google is the most used search engine in the world. Approximately 70% of the population uses Google today. Google, with its search algorithms, is the fastest and most trusted search engine. It upgrades its search result every now and then. It provides a proper implementation of security protocols between browser and user.


If you are a Microsoft user, Bing is your assistance in all the searches. Launched in 2009, Bing is the search engine for all Microsoft browsers. It displays all search results for images, content, concepts, videos, etc. it is a developing search engine and works exactly like Google but is not as popular as Google.


Yahoo is another search engine. This is the leading application for a free email provider but isn’t that popular. This is also similar to the Google search engine but as popular. Yahoo had recently been charged with leaking user passwords and ID’s which made yahoo decline in its number of users.


America Online AOL is a New York-based company that provides web browser services. They provide you with a CD to install their browser and modem services onto your system. AOL is a very efficient web browser and one of the most used search engines. is a search engine based on question-answer format. You ask a question, and the browser answers it. If the browser doesn’t have the answer for your query, it derives results from other browsers without naming them. It is much like the Quora website.


This is a popular search engine in many parts of the world. It focuses on answering queries while protecting the user and browser informatics. It focuses on protecting the privacy of the users. This search engine is partnered with Yahoo, Bing, and yummy, and unlike, it is open about its browser information used for generating its results.

Wolfram Alpha

We are used to searching engines that provide a list of web pages based on our searches. Breaking this monotony, Wolfram Alpha is a search engine that provides results based on facts and data. It focuses on providing knowledge to its user on the matter of concern.

Search engines have their own working mechanism and always focuses on improving their search results.

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