Choose the best Solutions for Perfect Quality Insta Marketing

One of the most effective ways to attract our potential customers to our online store is to be present on the social networks in which they are. In this way, we can get your attention through a Facebook company page, a Twitter account or by displaying images of our products on networks such as Instagram or Pinterest.

But, are these social networks really effective to get sales in our store? The answer is yes. Without a doubt, Facebook is still the most used social network and for that reason we are interested in having our online store incorporated into our brand’s page in this social network, as we told you in the post Sell ​​on Facebook ,

However, Instagram is the third of the 5 social networks with the highest growth in active members during this 2015 according to Forbes magazine, so we must take advantage of this increase in users by taking advantage of this social network in our business by showing our products and establishing our brand within this social network. Get a proper insight now for and get the best deals there.

Basic Instagram Ideas

Of course, the first thing to do is download the mobile application and create a user account in it. Of course, it is best that this account be the name of our brand, online store or, at least, contain it. Once this process is done, we recommend that you navigate through it to familiarize yourself with the search options (both for users and for topics through hashtags), the uploading of images and videos as well as the varieties of filters that the application itself offers, or the profile in which the images and information that we indicate will appear.

Create an effective bio

Name and user: The user with whom we have registered will appear in the biography (in case it does not convince us, it is possible to change it, as long as the new user is available) as well as the name associated with it. That is why it is important that both refer in some way to our brand to enhance it and that people associate that Instagram account with our online store.

Description: In this section you can take the opportunity to include your business slogan , information about the products or services you offer and the brands you sell . You can also choose to accompany the text you write with emoticons to make it more attractive and stand out from the competition. You have 160 characters to show your creativity!

This also section can take to indicate usernames on other social networks and even contact details and to write the keywords in your industry (with or without hashtag) to facilitate that when people come to your recognition profile easily what is what you will find in your images. For example; children’s fashion, beauty products, sunglasses, bags.

Personalized link: This is one of the most important sections that you must complete to link your instagram account with your online business. From your profile you can link a URL that can lead to your online store, an offer you are making or even a specific product that you want to promote.

You can also be creative in this section and include a call to action in your biography indicating what they will find on the other side of the link. For example “Visit my online store”, “Do not miss my website ” or even some arrows or hands pointing to the link.

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