Can’t play WMV Files with VLC on Mac? Know What To Do

One of the most popular and effective video formats developed by Microsoft is WMV. A lot of media players and converters like Real Player, Windows media player, Media Player Classic, Mplayer, etc. support this file format. Apart from the mentioned ones, VLC media player can also play WMV files. However, for Mac users, it becomes a bit difficult to play WMV files with the VLC app. This media player isn’t built to support the windows media video on any Mac OS device. To fix this shortcoming, Mac users can convert the WMV files to MOV file format. MOV is highly compatible with the VLC media player and Mac OS devices

To convert WMV files to the MOV format which the VLC supports, you can use the EaseFab mac video player converter. This software has the latest features, which makes it highly efficient. It does a seamless conversion. It even allows users to do batch conversion from AVI, MKV, WHM, MPG, VOB, MTS, and other formats in quickly. Also, it doesn’t hamper the quality of the video files and gives amazing output quality. Here’s how Mac users can do it:

Steps to convert WMV file format to VLC supported MOV files for playback

  • Select the desired WMV files

After installing the program, you can either click on the add files button or drag and drop of necessary files that you need to convert. The add files button is available at the bottom of the screen.

  • Choose MOV as the output format

After you do that, click on the profile. A drop-down menu appears on the screen. Choose MOV from the common video section as the output format. This Mac app also provides users with several presets for iPod, iPad, iPhone, or other Apple apps like FCP, Avid, iMOVie, etc. So if you want to convert the WMV files to portable devices, you can even do that.

  • Begin the conversion

After all the above-mentioned steps are done, hit the convert bottom at the bottom of the screen. Your WMV file will start to convert. Now you can easily play your WMV file on your Mac OS device.

Can VLC play WMV files on Windows?

The best player for MP4 movies on Mac is Elmedia. VLC is a multipurpose player that supports various media formats like CDs, audio, video, pictures, DVDs, etc. Though VLC media player can’t support WMV files on Mac devices, it can do so in Windows operating system. WMV files use codecs that function with Windows operations systems. This makes it possible to play windows media video format with the VLC app on windows devices.

Use Elmedia:

Elmedia Player has been developed for streaming and playing WMV and other fileformats on Mac and other devices.There are other media players one can use to play WMV file formats like Mplayer, Real Player, Media Player Classic, etc. However, if you are looking for an alternative media player for playing WMV files on Mac devices, it has to be Elmedia. To know more, check out this link Elmedia Player has been developed for streaming and playing WMV and other file formats on Mac and other devices.

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