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Best Website Builders For Small Business Websites

Creating a website isn’t such a simple job. It requires a lot of time, work, and knowledge. But what if we tell you that you don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars on a professional developer? Try to do it by yourself. You can make your own website with some simple and mostly free website builders. 

This article could be very useful, especially if you are a beginner. We all need to start with something, right? Well, let’s begin with some basics: 

What Is a Website Builder?

A website builder represents a platform or, rather, a program that can help you create your website. They are typically working on a drag-and-drop system, and it can be beneficial for customizing elements on your page. There are also several types of website builders, like online and offline builders. You can already see the difference between them- an internet connection. For example, an internet builder won’t require any downloads; you can work anywhere with it. On the other hand, offline builders are more adjustable, without an internet connection, but with many downloading.

Why Do You Need Them?

Having a website builder is maybe the best decision you can make if you are a small business owner, freelancer, or blogger. Some of the reasons are, in the first place, money-saving. Assuming that you are the leader of some small company, you’ll probably want to save some money for growing your enterprise, or in the end, you don’t want to give hundreds of dollars for hiring a professional developer. You can use free or just a few dollars a month website builders. You’ll be maybe interested in using: 

Wix is maybe the best drag-and-drop website builder. This allows you to create a great website by moving elements around without any coding skills. It also has over 500 templates that can be customized lately, but when you choose one template, you can’t go back and change it. The main purpose of your website would be promoting your products, so you can turn on the eCommerce module, and you’ll be able to add new products or services. After all, it’s mobile-friendly. You can choose between a free version and the second one for just $13 a month. Very cheap, isn’t it? 

This is maybe the most popular website builder. It’s also one of the drag-and-drop builders with so many free templates that you can change anytime. If you want to try with a free module, you’ll get 3GB of storage space, but not customer support. Having an eCommerce module, customer support, more storage space, and templates can cost you up to $45 a month.

If you don’t need a blogger module, and you’re ready to pay at least $1.30/month for 1GB of disc space, or even $21.99/month for unlimited products and the possibility of selling on social networks, this might be the right thing for you. Besides that, you have more than 20 modern website design templates with drag-and-drop functionality. Zyro also offers you a logo maker and some tools like Business Name Generator and Slogan Generator. 


Using website builders, you’ll be able to add some pictures, videos, and text to your website without writing a line of code. With their simple setup, website builders don’t need constant maintenance, just adding some new text from time to time. When talking about design, another great thing is that you have unlimited options. If you have any other questions, try using web design services Chicago, and don’t forget to use all your imagination and creativity. 

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