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Boosting Android phone performance is not easy when you try to do it manually. Because performance drop may cause due to number of reasons. When the amount of junks increases, amount of free storage is less, number of installed apps are higher will be the main cause. As you know it won’t release expected free storage after deleting apps, photos and videos. It is because of junks. Junks are mainly caching, residuals from system updates, residuals from app updates, remained app data from uninstalled apps and games, unwanted files collected from social media and messaging apps and etc.

Finding and deleting junks are not easy. You can quickly get rid of those junks using a Clean master application. One of the best available apps on play store is Speed Booster. Speed booster is light weight Android cleaning application that can effectively clean your storage and apps. This app can show files or organize files that take huge amount of storage space. You can delete unwanted files from File Manger too.

Bee Booster app comes with many extra features to ensure device performance apart from junk cleaning. Below listed some of the main features of this apk.

Features of Bee Booster

Phone Booster – You can use this feature to automatically boost device performance. This feature can quickly free RAM space by closing unwanted opened apps and processers. So, your favorite or current application has enough resources to run smoothly.

Memory Cleaner – This is the junk file cleaner. This feature will remove junks and caches from your storage space to have free storage space. Removal of junks also improve device performance and battery life.

CPU Cooler or Phone Cooler – Does you phone get hot without using it hard? It is because stress or workload on CPU is higher. When CPU is under stress it will dissipate more heat through the phone body. That’s why you feel hot when holding the phone. CPU Cooler feature can reduce CPU stress or processes to cool down.

Battery Saver – This feature can power consumption by removing or hibernating apps that are power hungry. There are lots of background tasks that drain battery power even without using the phone. That’s why you have charge your phone more frequently even without using it much. This feature can identify those processers and put them to hibernate.

App Manager – App manager helps you to list all the app on your phone with extra information like its size, app activity, last used date and etc. Uninstall all unwanted and unused applications.

You can install this app directly from Google Play Store. But there are many Android devices without play store services. For those devices you can install AC Market or Aptoide. AC Market and Aptoide both offer free installation of any Android app or game.

For Android TV boxes you can use Play Store, Amazon App Store, Aptoide TV or Filelinked. Those are sources where you can install Speed Booster easily. For more visit:

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