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Average Cost And Pricing Factors Of Google Display Network Advertising

The Cost google display network (google display network ราคา, which is the term in Thai) varies from package to package, which is helpful and might be handy for you. And below are some rough illustration data about the cost of different Google ad services might cost you.

Professional Google advertisement Management might cost you in the range of $400 to $ 5500 Per Month. Or 5-30% of the total amount spent on ads Per month.

PPC Management tolls will cost you slightly less and it might cost you somewhat in the range of $20 to $ 850 per month. You can get this sd wan solutions today.

CPC Google search Network is a package of per click, in which you will have to pay the amount per click. This package is not too expensive and can be used for achieving short-term goals. The cost of CPC would be less as compared to the monthly packages and it might cost you something around $1-@2 Per Click.

CPC Google display network is pretty much the same as of CPC google search network and Cost Google Display Network might cost you a little less than that. The same process will be there and you have to pay per click.

Illustration Of Different Packages Of Google Ads

So, while you choose any Google ads package just make sure you choose wisely.

Different packages come with different costs and on most of the occasions, it works in your favor while sometimes it doesn’t.

Here are some different packages that google ads offers.

1.     Cpa – Cost Per Action

People take this package mainly for the online transaction which works best to achieve a goal. You are paying for the audience performing certain actions on your websites.

2.     CPC – Cost per Click

If you are focusing more on the traffic then CPC might be the best option for you as you just have to pay per click. Researchers who clicked your websites for whatever reason, knowingly or unknowingly you have to pay per click.

And Cost google display network offers this for your convenience to achieve a short-term goal

3.     CPM – Cost Per Thousand Impression

Bidding with Cost Per Thousand Impression would be slightly expensive but it gives you the best result. It is a package for people having a long-term goal and wants to be associated with Google ads policy for the long run. Here you have to pay a decent amount per impression, ads, and views.

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