Applications Of LPG Gas In Singapore Besides Cooking

We are all familiar with the most common use of LPG gas in Singapore — cooking. Although electric stoves are prevalent today, you can still see at least a single house in Singapore with a kitchen that still uses LPG cylinders.

Many people may think that the advent of electric stoves will mark the end of LPG cylinders for kitchen use. But in reality, anLPG gas supplierdoes not only rely on residential-based customers.

Many industries opt for LPG for their operation. It is because theLPG gas priceis much lower than diesel fuel. Diesel fuel runs the majority of equipment and machines in the industries. Thankfully, there are now engines and systems that use LPG cylinders as the source of power. Continue reading to learn more.

Applications Of LPG Gas In Different Industries In Singapore

Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) is a natural gas contained in portable cylinders. LPG cylinders may contain propane and butane. There are many uses of LPG, and one of the most common is for cooking. An LPG gas supplierdistributes LPG in various ways.

Houses, food stalls and trucks use portable LPG cylinders from LPG delivery services in Singapore.

On the other hand, bulk LPG tanks are much bigger than regularLPG cylinders. These tanks contain 1650 litres and 2250 litres of gas, and for safety reasons, distributors place these tanks underground or at least three metres away from any infrastructure. Compared to smaller LPG cylinders, these LPG tanks are capable of running centralised heating systems.

Another way to distribute LPG gas is through metred supply. Instead of LPG delivery, condominiums and high-rise residential buildings use metred supply LPG. Pipes distribute the LPG in the building from the centralised tanks.

Transportation Industry

Before the advent of electric cars, the most environmentally-friendly to diesel-powered and gasoline-powered vehicles was the LPG– or simply autogas.

Many believe that cars that use autogas have lower carbon emissions than cars that run on diesel and gasoline. However, studies on this matter have conflicting results. But the main benefit of LPG cylinders in automobiles over diesel and petrol is affordability. The LPG gas priceis significantly lower than fuel.

People using autogas have never had to worry about supply as well. You can find an LPG gas supplier in every corner of Singapore. And in case you run out of LPG in the middle of the road, you can call an LPG delivery service for supply.

Industrial Industry

Do you know that some of the equipment and systems you can find in factories and warehouses run on LPG gas in Singapore?

Starting from the simplest one, the forklifts vital in moving items and products around the warehouse useLPG cylinders. Industrial vacuum cleaners in factories and warehouses also use LPG to run.

Apart from diesel, there are electric generators that run onLPG cylinders. Giant hybrid water heaters and industrial ovens also use LPG to heat and melt things up.

LPG gas has a lower price than its fuel counterparts that manufacturers mostly use for their day to day operations.

Agribusiness Industry

Do you know that aside from cooking your food, LPG is a vital instrument in growing and producing your ingredients?

Although diesel is the most common fuel for large farming equipment, such as agricultural tractors, bio shredders, irrigation systems, and fruit and grain dryers, they can run on LPG as well.

Compared to diesel, farming equipment does not produce thick black smoke when using LPG cylinders.

Apart from crops, LPG is essential in managing livestock. LPG radiant heaters help provide livestock sheds, barns, and brooders with the appropriate temperature for the animals.

AnLPG gas supplier also provides farmers with LPG cylinders for their pressure water washers. Farmers use these machines to clean livestock sheds and brooders and maintain sanitation.


Commercial Industry

When talking about the commercial industry, you might think about restaurants, bakeries, and bars usingLPG gas in Singapore for cooking and baking. You are not entirely wrong. However, there are other areas of commercial industries that also benefit from portable gas cylinders.

Hospitals use LPG in their cooling and heating systems. Many biological things in hospitals are sensitive to temperatures, from donated blood to bio-medical waste.

Cremators also useLPG gas tanks and cylindersfor cremation chambers to burn carcasses. They also use autogas vehicles for their funeral services.

Laundry service is amongst the businesses that heavily rely on energy. Electricity is not relatively cheap in Singapore. Laundry services rely on an LPG gas supplier to power up their LPG-fuelled industrial washing machines. On the other hand, laundry services also use LPG-fuelled heating machines to dry clothes much faster.

Tourism Industry

It is not that hard to see LPG outdoors. In reality, we rely on LPG gas in Singapore more than we think.

Just think about going to a park or camp. Many people use portable LPG gas cylinders for cooking and grilling food.

Some community pools and resorts use LPG-fuelled water heaters to keep the pool from freezing.

Hotels and other accommodations also use similar LPG-fuel heating machines to regulate the temperature in each room.

Alfresco bars and resorts also use outdoor heating systems, like orchard heaters and patio heaters that run on LPG.

Do you know that LPG is a vital instrument in manoeuvring hot air balloons? This extreme tourist activity relies on LPG to stay afloat.


Are you amazed about the wide range of benefits your LPG gas supplier can give you? It is not surprising at all. Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) is an efficient, flexible, and affordable fuel supply for many.

Because of its traits, many people innovated equipment, machines, and technology to incorporate LPG.

This innovation allows you to use LPG when you travel from work to home, send your laundry to laundromat services, eat fresh meat from farms, and go swimming at your community pool.


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