All About Kick Streaming Platform

What is Kick?

Although this platform copies Twitch’s core capabilities and UI, its purpose is distinct. This platform’s main goals are to provide streamers with a larger revenue share and to eliminate regulation. Users have complained that this platform lacks the same secure environment that sites like Twitch and YouTube offer since there isn’t enough moderating. With only a year and a half of operation, Kick already maintains 12 million active users. Know more about kick views live

Is it possible to get paid on Kick?

You might be curious about the payments and how the streamers get paid. 95% of the money made from their streams goes to the streamers. Streamers on Kick can retain all of the donations they receive from viewers. This platform offers several options for earning money, such as:

  • Kick’s creator program: Developers on this platform are rewarded through this scheme. 95% of the regular income and 100% of any contributions go to the streamer. Kick guarantees an hourly rate to all qualified streamers, based on the combined amount of hours streamed, average viewership, and interaction. 
  • Affiliate Marketing: You can earn a fee for every purchase you make via your streams by endorsing goods or services. This is a method to help other firms grow their business while also building connections with your fans. By providing your audience with honest evaluations and comments, you can gain their trust. Promote companies that are relevant to your field of interest and that you trust. 
  • Memberships: You can monetize your content by charging members for exclusive content that you produce. You have the option to select the exclusive material you produce as a Kick Creator. This is a fantastic method to develop a community and develop deeper connections with your fans. 
  • Creating your store: You can use Kick to advertise your online store if you possess one or wish to open one. You can personalize your account with links, images, and channel details inside your Kick profile. Link to your various online profiles from this section to increase brand exposure and begin gaining followers.

Creating an account on Kick

It will only take you a few minutes for you to create an account on Kick. Visit the Kick site or get the iOS/Android app. Select “Sign Up” in the top-right corner. Some essential data must be entered, including your email address, date of birth, username, and passcode. You will have to accept the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy by registering. Several guidelines must also be committed to, including the banning of harm, prejudice, and expressions of hate.


Many streaming enthusiasts are hesitant to sign up, and others have called the atmosphere “harmful” and more vulnerable to harassment. It will be difficult to stop without stricter rules because this platform has more relaxed moderation. However, Kick offers a far simpler way to make money than Twitch does. Although the next phase of Kick remains undetermined, streamers are currently facing difficult circumstances. 


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