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A Proven Effective Way To Increase Your Business Revenuein Mutlifolds

In this crucial time, business is hard especially for those who solely rely on their physical shops. But thanks to the advancement of technology, the business is not totally crippled because your store can still be operated online and the best way to do it is to launch amobile application thateffectively showcases your offered goods or servicestowards your target market. It is evenadvantageous for your business if your mobile app is compatible withboth Android and Apple operating systems. You might ask why. Well, the facts below will explain it further.

Percent of Smartphones Users

According to therecent study of, there are at least 3.8 billion smartphone users in the worldand that is 48.16% of the world’s total population. These smartphones are run by different operating systems in which the two most dominant are Android and Apple. Combining these two would make up99% of the global market share wherein 72.74% is contributed byAndroidwhile 26.42% belongs to Apple (iOS). The 1% is ownedby other operating systems.

Impacts of Mobile Application on Your Business

As you can see, if your mobile app is available to both Android and iOS users, it could reach different customer segments at the same time strengthen your mobile presence. In this way, your business becomes more accessible and visible which, in effect, enhances your customer’s connectivity and loyalty due to its up-to-date user-friendly features like FAQs sections where you can easily address any issues about your business and get solid feedback from your clients. It also offers ease in manageability that can aid you in diversifying your products and services necessaryfor business expansion.Hence, your profitability is maximized.

The Reasons for Developingan App with iOS Compatibility

You might still be wondering what’s the need for launching an app with iOS compatibility when Android users havea greater proportion in the market. Here’s why.

Since launching an app on iOS is expensive, it also needs to pass its strict testing criteria. To ensure a 100% success rate, availing services from Appetiser’s iOS app developers will make your investments worthwhile.



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