5 Web Design Tips to Improve Brand Awareness in Singapore

How you sell your brand is very important. It affects how your market perceives your products and services. The more consistent your branding is, the more customers and potential clients will remember your brand.

There are many ways to better your brand awareness. For example, making sure that your web design coincides with your brand positioning is very important. In today’s generation, your website is a central hub where customers can come and go. Therefore, you should ensure that your website captures potential customers and also entice the current ones. You can engage a Singapore Web Design Provider to assist your needs.

Here are 5 web design tips to improve brand awareness in Singapore.

1.     Use Consistent Colors

You should choose and decide on your brand’s color palette. This color palette should be used consistently in every element of your brand: logo, backgrounds, templates, headers, etc. Consistently using these colors will incite brand familiarity and recognition.

Choose a color palette that will represent your brand best. Anything with your company name on it should hold these colors. From logos to your font colors, these details should constantly be in these colors.

2.     Balance White Spaces

Many designers forget the importance of white spaces. Proper use of white spaces will enhance the overall appeal of your website and highlight important details. The most important tip in web design is to keep everything simple.

Cut the clutter. Placing too many words and objects in your marketing materials will not help sell your brand. Instead, people will perceive it as you trying too hard. A perfectly balanced website is one that allows the audience to see the actual products and services, and not overwhelm them.

3.     Simplify the Fonts

It can be very tempting to use one of the many swirly and stylish fonts available online. But as always, balance everything. It can be helpful to use over-the-top font styles but use them sparingly.

Switch to simple and easy-to-read fonts for body contents and in general brand design aesthetics. Your customers should be able to easily skim through your website content. Moreover, you should also consider your font size when emphasizing certain details.

4.     Use Relevant Images

Another way to improve your web design is to brush up on the objects you place on your website. Use relevant pictures. Images should help improve your strategy to sell your brand. Therefore they should be related to your brand and company vision.

Avoid stock photos as much as possible. If you can, hire a professional photographer or designer to help with the images. This way, you capture exactly what it is you want to portray. Plus, this way you can ask them to use photo hues that will work best with your brand’s color palette.

5.     Tell Your Story

A brand that stands out is the relatable brand. Tell the story of how your business started. Additionally, tell your audience how you envision your company to become. Nothing catches your market’s humanity and trust other than an honest story of dedication and perseverance.

Add a section on your website that retells your backstory and journey to where you are at this moment. Connect to your market by letting them understand your own company vision. Make this section as honest and as catchy as you can.

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