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5 Things to Look for in an SEO Expert

An SEO expert could be the solution to all your big problems regarding your business. However, picking the right SEO is a tricky task as many fake SEO companies out there promise overnight growth through illegible means. Here is what to look for in an SEO expert. If you are searching to associate with Digital Marketing Company in India. In fact, India has become hot destination for cheap and quality SEO services.

Five Thing to Keep in Mind While Evaluating the SEO Company

The Experience

It is not that difficult to set up an SEO agency, and that is the only reason just having an SEO agency is not enough for them to earn your trust. First, do a thorough background check on your SEO expert and determine how long he has been in the business and for how long he has been working as an SEO expert. 

The number of years that he has spent working directly translates to the experience that he has. An experienced SEO expert is going to be of big help to your business. 

The Different Levels 

There are different parts to proper SEO optimization, and the SEO expert needs to be well versed with all of them to gain your confidence. The three main parts of SEO optimization are structure, optimization, and link building. The structuring deals with creating a website that is easier for the search engines to find and grade. 

The optimization includes using the right titles, keywords, and tags to increase traffic on the website. Finally, the link building ensures no bugs or errors on the website and that the link is not malfunctioning. Check for his expertise on all these levels. 


Not only does he need to be well versed with how SEO works, but he also needs to have an overall knowledge about what your business deals in and what you want to do with your website. In addition, he has to optimize your website in a way that benefits your business, and for that, he needs to know the ins and outs of your business. Also, he needs to have some kind of a marketing background to completely earn your trust. Go for the best SEO services in India to get the most knowledgeable experts. 

Communication Skills

Perhaps the most important quality that you must look for in an SEO expert is his ability to communicate with people. Getting into a partnership with an SEO expert is a long-term deal, and you would have to be in close contact with your expert for months before the result becomes visible. 

It is a process of constant efforts to figure out what is working and what needs to go, and you cannot be clear in your objectives if the communication is not stable with your SEO agent. Look for someone who understands what you are saying. He must be passionate about the job to truly help you. 

The Past Record 

To finally make you feel secure about your agent and to convincingly invest in him, you just need to look at their previous work record. Find out the kind of companies they have worked with in the past, their field of business, and most importantly, how successful he has been in helping them achieve their goals. Any growth of more than twenty to twenty-five percent is an exemplary record, and you must consider appointing him.

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